Pimax 5K/8K 3D fbx model request


I’m in search of a 3D model of the Pimax headset for use as part of my avatar in the VR chat. It doesn’t have to be super good, just a .fbx file.

So far I’ve only found this model for 50$, which is a bit too pricey and over the top for my goals. It’s kinda what I’m after tho.

Does anyone know of another simpler/cheaper/free 3D model that they could point me to?


Ah, good request. To prepare VRchat avatar, cool idea. I would like to have it, too. but with ViveDAS :slight_smile:

I’m currently in progress of learning Blender, seems like it’s the case of “you want it done you do it yourself”. Unless someone has the model and is willing to give it away for free I’ll just spend some time and make my own. 50$ is a steep price for a box with a blue V on it. Let alone it’s complexity of 200K polygons, VRChat wants your entire avatar to be around 70K.

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