Pimax 4K - USB & HDMI "Connected" but not recognized any further

I just received my Pimax 4K and installed PiPlay from pimaxvr.com. The installer stated everything to be “OK” or “Good enough”.

After plugging in the device PiPlay states that USB and HDMI are connected but nothing else happens. Following the UserGuide I would expect the program to show the serial number and firmware version etc.

Replugging the USB does switch the USB and HDMI state from “Unrecognize” & “Disconnected” back to “Connected” but still nothing else happens. Same goes for turning the device off and on.

My GFX-card has added the Pimax’s screen to my desktop though. I can see my desktop background and I can move open windows over to the Pimax’s screen. The orientation is wrong though and is rotated by 90°. I can change that in the display settings though.
At some point I updated my GFX drivers to the newest version, but no change in behavior.

The LED on the headset is blue, unless it is initializing during which it is green.
Turning off the screen in my graphics-card’s display settings will turn the LED red.

I really have no idea what I am missing here.

My System Specs:
Windows 7 SP1
Intel Core i5-4690K
nVidia Geforce GTX 960 (Driver: 390.77)

Hi and welcome to the forums.

You mentioned that you can see pimax screen on your desktop, which would mean you should be in video mode. If you are planning on using for games you need to be in pimax mode. Clicking the cog top right in piplay should allow the switching from video to pimax.

To play games i recommend installing steamvr, and Oculus home if you want Oculus support as well.

Then make sure 4k is connected and start steam. Then click the steamvr icon top right of steam… Wait for it to start and display hmd pop-up. The hmd should then show in headset either steamvr home or steamvr gray room with lines all around you and a white square signifying your play space.

Launch a vr title and it should be in the headset and a mirror on your desktop.

When using video mode you will need a video player that can play 180/360 content. There are some good players out there Kodi, simple vr player and many more…

Try the above and then post your results


Hi Enopho and thanks for your input.
The problem is that I cannot change the mode at all.
As you can see in my screenshot the chain-link icon still has the x symbol and does not give me a drop down menu.
The cog icon takes me to the update screen and the “device” section shows the hmd to be disconnected (as shown in the screenshot below).

Also Steam VR does not recognize any headset either.
And I don’t have Oculus home and cannot find a way to download it.

Well I finally got it working.
And the reason for my issues was actually my quite old Razer keyboard (which always has been behaving a bit oddly). As soon as I had that thing disconnected and reconnected the Pimax, it was recognized correctly.
And testing a few things with SteamVR it seems to work fine.
As soon as I reconnect the keyboard
So I guess I will buy a new Keyboard tomorrow and see what else I can run with these goggles.


Thanks for posting that fix… It’s not one I have heard of before! So that’s a winner!!
You razor kbd, is it using a wireless USB dongle or is it wired? Would be good to know for any one else with the problem in the future

Have fun with the 4k :slight_smile:



It’s an old (wired) Razer Lycosa keyboard.
It suspect that the keyboard is faulty, I had it “hang” in the past, spamming the last typed key in all eternity. Well until I restarted my PC, really.

So the lesson to be learned here is:
If your Pimax is not working properly try to unplug all other USB devices. Some weird piece of hardware might be interfering.


Thanks for that… Defiantly something to try!

Olá a todos, sou novo aqui…tentei por varios dias conectar meu pimax 4k…sem sucesso…
ai um dia decidi formatar meu PC… criei disco de boot com windows 10 pro… deixei o pimax LIGADO no HDMI da minha R9 270x, e o monitor na DVI da placa… Ai pra minha surpresa assim que iniciou o windows, apos instalação. meu pimax estava CONECTADO…E PUDE COMEÇAR A MEXER…SHOW…QUANDO RODEI PELA PRIMEIRA VEZ PROJECT CARS,FIQUEI IMPRESSIONADO… LOGO VOU COMPRAR UMA PLACA MAIS POTENTE…PRA APROVEITAR O MAXIMO DO PIMAX…

This is an english speaking forum, please do future posts in english.

using google translate…

Hello everyone, I am new here … I tried for several days to connect my pimax 4k … without success …
then I decided to format my PC … I created a boot disk with windows 10 pro … I left the pimax ON on the HDMI of my R9 270x, and the monitor on the DVI of the board … Oh my surprise so which started windows, after installation. my pimax was CONNECTED … AND YOU CAN START MEXER … SHOW … WHEN I ROLL FOR THE FIRST TIME PROJECT CARS , I WAS IMPRESSED … SOON I WILL BUY A MORE POWERFUL PLATE … TO USE THE MAXIMUM PIMAX …

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