Pimax 4K software installation failures

Hi, I had Pimax 4K installed on Windows 10 under the 1.2.?.? software from my original installation months ago…then I saw you had new software version available. So I downloaded it and installed it. It had an error on the PiService.exe file saying it could not move or replace the file being it already existed. I selected ignore and finished the install. It would not recognize the Pimax 4K headset, but the headset would get video information such as my desktop displayed in the headset. I uninstalled the software and tried to reinstall it but now after about 15% of the installation it says installation failed please install again. Every time I try to install it now it does the same 15% then fails. What can I do to fix this and get it working? I am unsing Windows 10 64-bit version with the latest Nvidia drivers and 2 GTX1080Ti cards in SLI
also 32gb RAM


Hi,pls uninstall the K-lite plugin first and then try to reinstall piplay again.

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Exit PiPlay. Launch Taskmanager kill all tasks called pi service. Install again