Pimax 4k Not working. dont know what problem

just got brand new pimax 4k. it was untampered. didnt expect any problem

installed latest piplay.

connected the HMD. it detected some updates . i let it update. the firmware .

now there is green light on it. its stuck . it has never been turned on . never worked once.

tried A LOT of things.

pimax mode video mode. changed usb port . reconnected 100 times.

nothing seems to work.

i am on fairly uptodate windows 10 pc. ’

it is turning off and on (7 second power button ) . it is not dead at least. but why doesnt it turn on . blue light i.e. . no display at all

it is detected in piplay . everything seems fine on the piplay end. but IT DOESNT TURN ON

i thot it might be a firmware thing . i ran the update tool. and it simplly wont run because of some hidapi.dll file issue.

PLEASE HELP going crazy

@Pimax-Support @Doman.Chen

Question… Is it in pimax mode or video mode… If in pimax try launching steamvr and then putting your face to the hmd as there is a on sensor in the hmd that detects if you have your head in the device.
Is the led on the top on the device blue,green or red, or is it flashing colours?



thx for replying.
tried both modes. light is permanently green. tried sensor tackling too . put on put off a lot . and tried finger blocking it too to check from outside .

light is permanently green. never seen it turn blue . initial setup it blinked quickly red green to update firmware. that was last.

i would change firmware or something if the udpate tool worked or something

OK so green led means it’s connected but not usable right now… Usually when I have green led I just need to reseat my USB cable on the hmd on my PC end but you have been doing that already?

Did your install of piplay go OK? When you launch piplay and click on devices does it say it’s connected? I’d the hdmi cable plugged into your discrete graphics card?

Also can you tell my what PC spec you have is Inc make, model, gpu, gpu version,
piplay version, win version, memory, and what cables you have for monitor or monitors… Ie. Display port, vga, hdmi, dvi etc

thx again . sure let me fill u up

yup yup . tried different ports . and a lot !!

very smooth. after that it detected my hmd quickly . prompted a firmware update . that went smooth too.

yup piplay is working like nothing is wrong at all . no errors or bugs. detects both usb AND hdmi

id say yes. although im on a laptop so im assuming its already discreet. (i use the same hdmi port for gaming with tv. soo… ) otherwise tell me and ill try anything at this point .
also discreet or not. the device should at lest turn on right . i.e. blue light.

so this is a laptop . asus ROG gx700., gtx 980 (not M) , gpu version is latest. 388.71 ,
tried piplay twice . currently its 2 0 5 46 (earlier updated to latest auto 2 0 7 something )
windows 10 home up to date. 64gb ram .
well i guess cables dont apply right . im on laptop
let me know if u need to know anything else



Ahh laptops usually have intergrated gpus as well as the more grunty gpus. The igpu needs to be disabled in bios and in device manager so that the nvidia gpu is the only one being detected/used. We have seen this before - so please disable the Intel gpu in device manager and also in bios to make sure the nvidia one is the only one available.

Then make sure you unplug USB for pimwax on a reboot and plug back in
Then test again


sry forgot to mention . i read this and went to bios . there was no such thing . scanned it thoroughly

although what ur saying is correct. the HMD shud turn on at least right … blue light or somethinig.

can u elaborate how to do using device manager? tried googling .
this is a liquid cooled laptop . (think a thin desktop) i dont think it has integrated gpu at all.
thts why i have never experienced the option in bios . no setting anywhere

still i can confirm this for u if u help me .

yup like i said . no integrated gpu on my laptop.

Go into Task Manager - Services and make sure that PiServiceLauncher is running.
If not then start it and see if that helps.

Another thing to check is put HMD in Video mode then use NVIDIA manager to check that you have two monitors listed.
One would be the laptop screen and the other the PiMax screen.

If that all looks right then it’s time to get TeamVeiwer and contact PiMax support.

running :confused: . checked it

again. its there :confused:

yeah waiting for them to accept on skype i think . or see this topic.

@Pimax-Support please help me

You will need to have TeamViewer running for support to help you.

Skype is ok for communicating but TeamViewer will allow support to correct any problem they find.

I’m not from Pimax support, but can it be, that there was a problem during the firmware update? Have you tried a hardware reset?

So if it is a type of desktop does it have a discrete graphics card connection? As in a hdmi into your gtx980 card? Can you take a photo and post the connections please?

It is a notebook like he writes in upper lines.
Some notebooks have problems with separate/secondary displays. I think, this is a problem by the used hardware and NOT by Pimax.
Most notebooks are not strong enough for using a VR headset. If he has an external USB hub with its own power socket he can try it.
I think, he didn’t made a VR compatibility check on his notebook.

The Asus rog gx700 is an exceptional gaming laptop and would be fine for Vr, and it is a Vr ready gaming laptop. The specs for it are here https://www.asus.com/ROG-Republic-Of-Gamers/ROG-GX700VO/specifications/

And after reading the specs if it… Yes it has a Intel chip in it but it does not have a igpu that I can find just an 8gb gtx 980 and not the mobile one either

Thanks for your info …it all helps.

Can you please tell me when you launch steam, and then open steamvr it should open the steamvr home inside the hmd. It should also open a pop-up for steamvr on your monitor on your gaming laptop if you click the drop down on the steamvr pop-up and choose display mirror a duplicate of the hmd should appear on your monitor… If you then pick up the hmd and move it around does the mirror on your desktop move also?

yeah well im ready for that. no one has contacted me yet . on skype or here. teamviewer is ready

mind telling me how to do a hardware reset?

good assumption. but wrong

since u checked specs . i dont think a photo is needed right? let me know if it still will help and ill manage

BECAUSE i use that hdmi port to connect to a 4ktv and do my gaming with a controller all the time. im pretty sure ill notice if the port is not functioning well. im doing 4k gaming on it !!

yeahhhh!! no igpu found.
again like i said. all this is on software level right? the pimax should turn on after receiving usb power right ? it shud turn blue light or show some sign of display . tried different usb ports and even a powered usb port on a power point.

like im saying . the HMD seems dead. as far as i have seen on youtube videos. the light turns blue right on the top ?
its stuck on green now . i can hold power button for 7 seconds and turn it off. then turn back on again. but it still says green no matter WHAT I DO

so that includes steamvr. even steamvr detected pimax. but for some reason its calling it UNRESPONSIVE.

i have never seen the HMD powered up once its completely black on it . (yes tried wearing it for the sensor)