[Pimax 4K & Leap Motion] - using hand to control VR

Hello there,
i m trying some demo with my :

Pimax 4 UHD -
Piplay 1.2.57
Leap Motion Orion : https://gallery.leapmotion.com/

This my headset with the Leap Motion on it :

And this is me trying some demo :

and it’s exelent to try it :slight_smile:

See u hand’s in Virtual View :slight_smile:

so u can use Leap Motion and PIMAX 4K

Let’s talk here → Pimax 4K UHD - NON Officiel
youtube Channel → Issa pimax - YouTube
Twitter → https://twitter.com/pimax4kuhdfr
Piplay All released → MEGA
core i5 3570k / 8 go / gtx 1060 6go

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Oh yea, many have went down this road including myself.

Fell back to the PSMove w/ 4 Cameras because the Leap Motion Driver for SteamVR over on github was way too finicky.


I’m thinking on going for leap motion, can any of you guys help me by highlighting the positive/negative of this solution?

I brought a very cheap Leap Motion 25 quid !!,with a few scratches on lens not sure if that hindered the Leap but I did have mixed results,I did get the Vive controllers to show up in steam but it was very erratic,used hand gestures for triggers with the steam Leap drivers from Github,and used the same drivers as stated by OP the Leap Orion drivers.

Main problem was positioning of controllers with steam menu and inside games they were all over the place hit and miss if it worked even with leap stuck to front of HMD,if you can get a cheap 2nd hand one go for it but personally I would see how Nolo and the drivers pan out regarding Pimax usage as a new Leap is still expensive to buy.


Thanks @darkerpilgrim for sharing by the way you got your Leap controller on eBay?

Nah,if you are in the UK it was cash converters online,really amazed they had one at all

No packaging Just bare Leap with leads,they had a few more but near retail price.

Has anyone tried this with driver4vr?


From experience I can say that the tracking is great (even though their in beta) but you still need bluetooth controllers for the triggers emulation. In the last iteration of SteamVR beta the leap motion controllers became improper recognized…Greg its currently addressing the issue.

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