Pimax 4k for Movies only: HDMI from AV receiver and Surround sound?


I’m interested in this product due to video quality. I have two questions:

  1. Can the Primax 4k connect to second HDMI out of my AV receiver as secondary display device? (Assume USB cable is connected to PC for power and control).

  2. If the answer to first question is no. Then, if I connect to PC (I have desktop Win10 64bit with GTX-1060) and use the Piplay video mode. Can I watch 3D bluray ISO files in Pimax 4k, while multichannel audio like DTS MA passthrough is sent via second HDMI out of GTX-1060 to AV receiver, so audio from speakers connected to receiver is in sync with 3d video displayed in Primax4k?


You need a pc to use Pimax. Your 1060 should work fine & windows does allow you to choose audio out. As for blue ray movies that will be dependent on the video player. It does have a version of kodi with vr extension.

@Jonnypannic has a 1060 3gig card & may have more advice.

@noro has a lot of experience comparing vr Video players & can likely reccommend a player.

Just note its Pimax no r


Hmm, funny, tried that at a friends place as well because he did not want to setup a second active HDMI cable from his office PC to his living rooms surround reciever (denon) unfortunaly his model has a couple of ins but only one out. when replugging I sorta had feeling that reciever added latency. so we went with a second (good) active hdmi/USB cable with no latency and need replugging. My friend tried a couple of players that worked best for Blu-ray audio (7.1) on his denon and said that Power DVD worked best for decoding. I tried some “untouched” as well and indeed worked best. Could not test audio myself though, I don’t have a 7.1. Still a stereo guy :smiley:

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