PIMAX 4k displays 2 opposing grey squares with wavy line in middle

After using the PIMAX 4k with no proplems for last 3 weeks. Suddenly I turn it on it displays the Pimax logo with stars in background but when I go to open Steam and Virtual desktop it just has these grey squares (see images) that take up opposite sides of the screen with a line in the middle that when i rotate the pimax the wavy line becomes straight but the grey squares stay in the same place.

I think there might be a faulty firmware on the device? My computer kept restarting (previous issue unrelated to PIMAX) while the pimax was on and now it wont go back to normal.

I am running Gigabyte GTX970
Intel i5 4690K @3.5GHz
64 bit window 7
256 SSD
PIMAX Serial: 10071173005515

Have tried uninstalling PiPlay and redownload and reinstall GeForce drivers and PiPlay

Any ideas?

@Pimax-Support @Doman.Chen

wavy line in between the grey squares

This looks like steamvr gray room.

This is the room that has a light box if you look down depicting your standing/seated area if you look around behind you 360deg you should also see an arrow pointing away from you which is the direction steamvr thinks is forward. If this is not the way you are facing for forward click down arrow on steamvr on your deaktop and choose display mirror. Then click on your desktop that mirror display and look straight ahead and press Z this will put your steamvr forward view straight ahead.

Now just launch your favorite game and you should see it in the VR hmd. If it does not start, please check in task manager and kill the task that is the game you just launched and try again.

Just to be clear what you describe is completely normal an when you start stramvr and its called the gray room… White box below you arrow pointing away and a line grid all around you.



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it wasn’t the gray room it was 2 squares opposite each other.

WORKING FIX - tried reinstalling steam and steam vr and seemed to work

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