Pimax 4K + AMD Graphic Card - Device Disconected

Guys, I’ve got my Pimax 4k VR a week ago. But every day when I turn my computer on i just cant only start Steam VR or some other game and simply play. Every day i spend 1 hour at least because is necessary to reinstall the Pi Play, or reinstall the AMD driver, or recreate the Eyefinity etc, because Pi Play show me the device is disconeted. Are you facing something like That?

My graphic card is a AMD RX470 GB, last driver installed.

Thank you in advance!

I haven’t experienced that.

Running w10 pro i5-6500
R9 390 8g
Piplay 1.2.95

Think either current amd driver or previous one

For my R9 290, i use 17.6.2 amd drivers.

All others doesnt work or less framerate.

You can find them on guru3d website.

@mvquintella Please use Debug_tool in Piplay setting to export logs to support@pimaxvr.com when this issue is happening, we will analyze it, thanks in advance.