Pimax 4K 2.0 what we need

@Sean.Huang @PimaxVR @deletedpimaxrep1

Now that we see that the 5K+ and the 8K make even the most expensive GPUs bleed, I have a suggestion.

For a 4K V2 Pimax should copy Varjo’s fixed foveated display concept.

Source two micro LCOS displays of 1280x800 for the foveated region, and use 1 panel from the 8K as the “context” display.

If you had an HMD with 110 degree FOV, native 4K, stean tracking, and a fixed foveated micro display in the center, your HMD would beat everything on the market, and what.is better is that you could run it on a 1070 or 1080.


@Sean.Huang please check the feasibility.


@Sean.Huang I think you guys could source the needed optical element (silvered angled mirror ) from optolife. Give the video a watch.

This might even be easier than an 8K+