Pimax 12k reality series - my thoughts

Well it sounds too good to be true . I hope Pimax really will deliver such an Hmd in Q42022 .


Can you really trust and take a company seriously which places white subtitles on white background (:joy:)

Can you really trust a company that haven’t been able to create audio in 3 years that is ateast as good as valve index speakers

Can you really trust a company that can’t even develop a sword controller with thumb sticks in 3 years .

I wish the absolute best to Pimax but as long as I won’t see great results I won’t invest like I did with the Kickstarter campaign . I am a pimax fanboy but I will have fun with Varjo aero the next 2 years because varjo is a real product with proper high-end quality .

Have a nice day :slightly_smiling_face:

( Very professional presentation btw , good job {besides the subtitles } ) :+1:


Well maybe those things were not the main goal all along it ofcourse makes perfect sense to make good use of the resources and look at making you’re company stand out in the long run so my guess is they have divided there resources and probably let the best people work on development of this new headset and lacked a bit in providing all the promised goals in the long run and to make up for it people are really getting a sick deal on this new product for being supportive to pimax all this time
This would seem to me like a logical explanation

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I am ambivalent at the moment. All sounds good. The Varjo Aero looks good for sim racing, If those units are available in January then that is plenty use time before the avalanche of new headsets arrive next year including the Pimax 12k


WOW !! 12 K REALITY !! SWEET !!!
I usually don’t type things in all capitals, but well…

The specs are perfect: 240 degree of FOV. QLED display. 200Hz of refresh rate… What not to love?
Yeah, some subtitle guy screwed up the video, but the show is still very impressive. And I love the “One more thing” part in the end. Pimax is showing their goal: a ultra-wide HMD with retina display. This is the best thing money can buy.
Is it worth the $2399 it asks? Well, it’s up to you. For some people, even the $299 Quest is too much.


For me personally, the only ‘missing’ feature of this very impressive new headset is, apparently, it has no distance adjustment for lenses. (I think this is called diopter adjustment?).

If so, this means if you wear glasses, you still have to wear them in VR which I hate as it always crushes against my nose or scratches the lenses.

I’d like to know if this can be made easier by using lens inserts with the in-built eyetracking. I was hoping this would have been thought about for ‘VR 3.0’.

With the Varjo Aero, you can’t wear glasses, so I hope Pimax has a better solution than Varjo do at the moment or neither of them are suitable for me and I’ll have to hope the Index 2 will have such a feature.


Well, they have not produced accessories very well, but for HMD’s they have made many successfully.


I love the fact that Pimax is really pushing the limits


I think the reason they announced this headset so early (1 year away) is to steal the headlines from the likes of Varjo and Facebook. Smart strategy because now whatever Facebook announces won’t sound as good as what Pimax is promising.


dual 5160x3280 = width 10.32K :shushing_face:


Yeah makes sense , I would have done the same

What I really like is we are getting even higher fov than the previous large mode :heart_eyes:


Darn near everything we wished for in the other threads was covered in this presentation and the 12k HMD design. I’m interested to see how it progresses. If they achieve half of what they’re shooting for, I’ll be trading in my 8 KX.
I love the auto IPD- when we want to show the 12k off to friends and family, it will be a lot simpler and more user friendly. 8k in stand alone mode! Yowsa!


Cool thing is you won’t have to invest. We don’t have any preorder campaign, prepayment, deposits etc. for this. We don’t ask for money at all. You will get to read reviews, see devices at CES and then if all is well potentially pick one up some day.


soooo, that’ll be 2x RTX 3090 or a RTX 4090?


Looking forward to that :slightly_smiling_face:
And yeah it’s really nice to see that Pimax doesn’t want any :moneybag: so early.

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I watched MRTV’s interview with Kevin. Kevin made a great point that the pandemic lockdowns were a significant source for the 8KX delays. So that’s why Pimax is more optimistic about reaching the Q4 2022 target for Reality 12K. It remains to be seen though.


I watched it aswell :slight_smile: I hope the fan noise will be reduced . I hate loud fans. My x27 predator monitor drives me crazy !


Other users have had similar opinions to yours. But I feel that this time, without the pandemic that happened two years ago, we have ample time to deal with this beast.

You may come over to the forthcoming CES to try out the new headset or read reviews on media/YouTube channels.
You can always make your calls anytime.




I am gonna buy it anyway because I am a VR enthusiast but that’s simply have been my thoughts :smiley:


im always here for pimax :star_struck:

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