Pimax 12k reality Qled

So what is going on with the 12k Reality QLED HMD, does anybody know? I would hope that they are working on and solving problems on both of the 12k headsets at the same time.



Pimax will mention it When it’s ready. The 8KX was like vaporware for the first couple years.

That 12 K has 2 6K displays and I’m damn sure it’s not cheap or easy to produce that thing. The 4090 is probably what you need to just run it semi-decently.

The 8KX runs perfectly on a 4090, that’s a GPU that years newer than that headset.

We know already that it exists in prototype form, because Kevin and Martin have both mentioned using it, and Kevin showed it on camera.

I would bet that the reason we probably haven’t seen it is because it likely has to use eye tracking, DSSC, and foveated, rendering all at the same time just to drive those displays. Just because the displays might be ready does not mean that the driver boards are ready, or bridge, chip, or any other. Of the litany of components, your need.

Those are a whole bunch of bleeding edge features that probably break half the time between software updates. That to me would be a decent reason why we haven’t seen anything yet.

You can’t really show off a platform successfully if all the things you need to run it are absolutely bleeding edge

I don’t really blame the company for not showing it yet, because when you consider how some people have reacted to the crystal, which is much more polished and ready for prime time, they aren’t gonna want to show 12 K until it’s ready

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Maybe the bionic lenses are too complicated. Maybe should just make a Crystal Wide FOV version. If the guys have seen it and tested, it means they have a working version, just not totally polish in other areas. Maybe you’re right, they tested the headset with a 4090 and realize…it’s not enough. It requires too much power to run this thing at full res…or maybe the bionic lenses still cause distortion, who knows.

When Pimax showed the original 8K(non X) it had all kinds of problems, and that was a device that I think they regretted showing after the reception they got.

The 12k looks like it’s trying to push the envelope as far as they can, but that complexity adds things that can break even with minute changes.

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We did show the bionic lenses at CES, they work great, even had versions of those quite a time ago. Superwide fov works too but sticking point is the eye tracking assembly. Rest of the 12k is really close to the Crystal.


@PimaxUSA How is the software integration of all those different things eye tracking, DSSC, etc. progressing? Is comparability pretty good for what you have tried?

Personally I am curious
What New Retro Arcade Neon would be on a 12k

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You are aware about shortage situation, lock down consequences and, of course, the intensified trade war started by the US, issues to the shortage situation?
I recommend to stay tuned and patient, I wish all the best! So they can solve supply chain issues, logistics and their unique tasks finishing those bleeding edge pieces of technology. No one other in the whole world seems to be capable to offer such Headsets! I will remain to be a fanboy until a competitor can offer at least at equal level and similar pricing. May still take a while…


I guess, a version of the 4090 let´s call it “TI” with maximum chip features enabled, meaning 48GB RAM, may be a solution to drive the 12KX in a decent way, including FOV rendering etc…
If water cooled, then form factor may be 2-slot only, therefore acceptable, but let´s wait and see what Nvidia will reveal.

Probably the biggest issue with the 12k is making it also work with the eye tracking and fixed foveated rendering so it is possible to use less computer power to be able to use it standalone with the wigig module
As well as being able to use it at full forse connected to a gaming pc I still hope it will run smoothly on my rtx3090 just as my 8kx does
Anyway I rather wait for it a year longer and that it’s perfect when it comes out
And seeing how well the Crystal does I have very good hope that the 12k will be absolutely mindblowing


Well, there is something physical that differs between the eyetracking in Pimax headsets, and every other headset, both for Tobii and 7invensun, and that is the optical setup, where the cameras do not view the eyes directly, but reflected off a surface somewhere between the eye and the screen (in front of the lenses for the 8k series – presumably behind the lens and angled, for the 12k (possibly not a new surface, but the same intermediary pane that encapsulates the screen in both the 8k series and the Crystal)).

I’ll try to not strain my feeble mind too hard, on imagining how much this reflected view possibly degrades capture; How much inherent distortions complicate resolving the tracking; Where suitable placements are found for IR illumination LEDs; And whether this intersecting optical element is at all visible to the viewer, or affects the imagery from the screens, that has to pass through it.

@3D_FAN I agree. I still find my 8KX immersive as hell. It’s admirable that Pimax keeps pushing to the edge of the possible in consumer VR. I am chomping at the bit to get started on the Crystal Beta test!


As told by the other users here, i also agree that this will take time.
It is a more complex thing.If i read something like they should do the crystal with widescreen, i get quiet the feeling , that things do not work that way easy.This devices are always quiet high end for many years and need a lot of fine tuning.I do also love the Fov, i do also think at least for me it is the future.

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As a true enthusiast, I did not consider the Crystal in the first place.
But now, I see a real true value in it, as auto-IPD and other things are very valuable for customers, lowering the usability entry barrier, to have a comfortable feeling to use such a headset. I still see the advantage in training, educational and servicing area, in addition to the consumer related aspects. A Crystal would probably be a game changer to introduce metaverse/omniverse/whatever-verse to business decision makers.


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