Pimax 12K QLED Trade-In Program

Pimax 12K QLED Trade-In Program

Trade-in Value and which headsets are eligible:

  • Any Existing Pimax headset can be traded-in.

  • Trade-in value is what you paid for only headset itself.

  • If the audio strap came pre-installed the price with the audio is used.

  • No accessories can be traded-in.

  • Only 1 headset can be traded per transaction.

  • There is a Limit 1 12K QLED headset per customer.

  • Value cannot be greater than the MSRP of the headset.

Required Information to qualify:

  • You must have proof of purchase that contains the price you paid, where you bought it and the date.

  • Purchases from eBay are OK provided that you can provide the receipt.

  • You will have to register via a trade-in portal we launch in 2022.

  • You must be located in North America, The EU, The United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea or China to qualify.

  • Program ends 12 months after the first 12K QLED Shipment.

When and Where Do the Trade-in’s need to be shipped?

  • The local freight for the shipment to the collection point is borne by the trade-in customer.

  • You do not have to ship your headset to China, we are using collection points listed below.

  • Collection Points will be located in: The United States, United Kingdom, European Union, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Canada, Australia;

  • We can allocate additional collection points if needed at a later date.

  • Once registered you will be notified 2 weeks before an 12K QLED that is allocated to you is ready to ship.

  • Your new headset will not be dispatched until we have received the trade-in headset and inspected the contents of your package to ensure it is the headset you registered for the trade.

  • Shipping will occur primarily from the collection points.

Coupons that CAN be added:

  • The original 8K to 5K+ coupon is worth $100

  • Wireless module coupon is worth $100 and we are doubling it’s value to $200.

  • Both coupons can be stacked to have an additional $300 deduction.

  • Other coupons (except cash coupons for refunds) cannot be used in stacks;

Questions and Answers:

If I wish to purchase more than one 12K QLED headset via this trade-in program, what should I do?
You may need to contact with our customer service rep.

If I live in the Brazil does this prevent me from participating in this program
No. We are considering more regions for Phrase 2.

I backed 2 Kickstarter Projects, can I enjoy the the stack discount of 2 wireless coupon?
Please contact our customer service team about this or any other issue related to coupons. As a general rule coupons cannot be used in any manner other than what is described in the program details.

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact @PimaxQuorra or @PimaxUSA

Your Pimax Team.

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