Pimax 12k QLED - please make sure it's built with proper EMI/RFI/Ground Loop Shielding!

As I am sure many on the Pimax forums are aware, as are most of the Pimax staff by now, that the Pimax 5k+/8k and 8kx series of headsets were badly affected by EMI/RFI and Ground Loops.

It was noticed by myself when I was having flashes and blackouts and I couldn’t figure out the issue.
At one time, it was because i was wearing an APPLE WATCH during sim racing… Took it off, and poof the issue was gone.
Then when I added a motion simulator, immediately the issues started up again with the blackouts, flashes, tracking loss, etc.
Touching the sides of the HMD would cause gray-outs, and if prolonged, would blackout. When turning off my motion simulator, it wasn’t as bad and i could touch the sides for a few seconds and ever cover the sides with my hands without having a gray-out.

I then found out that my 8kx cable was touching my aluminum extrusion motion simulator platform, and just by laying across it, was causing flashes and blackouts - so i hung up the wire over the ceiling with ceiling hooks.

To get a long story short, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make sure the new Pimax 12k QLED is built with proper EMI/RFI Shielding and with a proper ground - Other HMD’s are also affected, but the Pimax hmd’s are affected the worst of all of them.

As many of us sim racers know, just by having a Direct Drive Wheel, many have had these blackouts and flashes, or from any number of accessories. We need a proper VR Headset - I hope the 12K QLED will be the one!


Hi Mike:
May i know what kind of your cable? 6M Fiber optical cable or 4.5m original cable? And what the color of headset light whlie blackout?

Its happened with both cables
Color during a blackout is black
Color during gray/outs is gray

The issue is now gone - but this post is to get pimax aware that we need to make sure all the new hmd’s that will come out later should be EMI/RFI Shielded and protected against ground loops


oh i mean the indicator which is by the power button of the headset.
And How do you solve it? I will report this to the team


It was solved by shielding the cables and using ferrite magnet cores, among other things


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