Pimax 12k: November 2023 Where are they?

Pimax 12k: November 2023 Where are they ?

Now it’s 2023 november 11 !

When the Pimax 12k coming in release ?:thinking:

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My 8KX is neatly packed away whilst it still works in preparation for the 12K trade-in :face_with_peeking_eye:

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Yes :+1:t2:

AT paris Roadshow I’m speaking with Sweviver and Josh .

They told me that the 12k would be presented at CES 2024 in Lasvegas!
True or false ?
No news on 12k by pimax!
No status of its progress unfortunately.
No progress table like with crystal ??

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Me too for my 8kX :+1:t2::+1:t2:

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you are a bit early. there was talk that there might be a prototype of some sort demonstarted at CES 2024. so earliest estimate for a 12k release on my calender is summer 2024, maybe as late as winter 2024.
there is really no need to get excited yet, there are many months to go.

No :innocent:

This is not what the boss of pimax announced at the crystal presentation in January 2023!
He said that the crystal will be marketed according to his words in June 2023 which was the case 10 months late (crystal promised in q3/2022)
And the 12k was to be presented in q3-/q4 2023 as a prototype then unveiled at CES 2024 in Lasvegas in final version!
1 year late.
In June 2022 Pimax promised that the 12k would be marketed in Q4/2022.

We are in q3-4 2023 and we have never seen the 12k :thinking:
In June 2023 pimax announced that the 12k was at 70% of its development!

So I ask again where is the development of 12k?

Because by postponing the marketing of crystal and 12k, the competition has evolved.
For wireless, crystal/12k has the Snapdragin XR2 chip from Qualcom.
The Quest 3 wireless headset already has the XR2-gen 2 chip with AV1 encoding which works with Nvidia RTX 4000 cards.
We are shown an image from the crystal camera in black and white.
Meta reveals the passthrough with a color image in quest 3.

So I ask myself the question that by having postponed the crystal and the 12k since September 2022, these 2 headsets already have old-school technologies.
Qualcom is already talking about an XR3 wireless chip for 2024!!!

So when will the 12k be revealed.
Will it have an XR-2 gen 2 chip?


Laurent, a pimax enthusiast since 2014/Backer #5k+.

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Pimaxqorra talk me In a other post :

12k coming !:+1:t2::+1:t2:

A little question :

will the 12k have the new Xr2 gen 2 chip from 2023 like the quest 3 or the old Xr2 chip from 2022 like the pimax crystal?

And :

-will we have a progress table for the 12k


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Good morning

no response from pimax on the development of 12k?
It is November 14, 2023 and still no program plan for 12k, its technological progress.
Pimaxquorra replied to me the day before yesterday that we would have news soon but when.
Pimax a few months ago announced a plan to exchange 8kx/crystal to sell crystal and to make us believe that our purchases will be deducted to pay for 12k!
A 12k will normally be unveiled in December 2023 following pimax then revealed in the final version at CES 2024 in January in Lasvegas.
Since more information

We don’t know where the 12k is?
By waiting, Valve will release its #deckard headset and then we will have a big doubt in our heads?
Valve Deckard or a hypothetical Pimax 12k.

Last June Pimax announced that the 12k was at 70% of its development.

Since nothing, Nada!
80/90% development??

Thank you for pimax’s quick responses.

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Ok no News or 12k by Pimax ?
Nothing for a program plan?:pray::pray:

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Hi team Pimax :innocent::+1:t2::+1:t2:

Never a new for 12k in november 2023 sniff :smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear::smiling_face_with_tear: