Pimax 1.17.01 not working with 8KX

Date: 11-26-2023
Issue Title:
My Pimax 8KX doesnt work well anymore after updating to latest drivers. Not sure if its the pitool or the firmware.

When rotating my head, I get stutters severe fps drops… Even in the default landing area when opening the Pimax app.When i keep my head steady there is no problem. Any Tips? Can I downgrade to older software or firmware safely?

Using Lighthouse tracking.

**HMD Model:**8KX

**First 3 Numbers Serial:**207
Pitool Version:
**HMD Firmware:**V2.1.255.297

System Info

  • Windows Version:11
  • **CPU:**5800X 3D
  • **RAM:**16GB
  • **Motherboard:**ASUS
  • **GPU Model:**4090
  • **GPU Driver:**546.17
  • **SteamVR Version:**2.1.4
  • Oculus Version:

Attachments (Pics/Video etc…)

FYI: just found the issue.

Smart Smoothing is actually doing the opposite :).

After switching that off my Pimax 8KX is smooth as butter again.


Good to hear that.

Additional tip: You may revert to an earlier PimaxPlay version that you think fits best in your use case.

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Unfortunately Pimax broke smart smoothing quite some time ago (years) and shows no signs that they will be attempting to fix it or are even remotely competent enough to make the attempt. They might as well remove it, but I suppose if they did they wouldn’t be able to pretend they had that feature when advertising.

Last version of Pi tools was in 2022 and it’s not current developed in favor of Pi Client.
I’m using Pi Client since some months ago but I don’t want to log in to any account and you’re force to do additional steps to log as guest.

When using Pi tools was straight forward; start Pi tools and start your VR game.

Please allow an offline option to easily work, like pi tools used to work; not everyone want and like the always on experiences.

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Main problem is any company is always greedy for personal data.
Otherwise there would be local usage only by default and online optional.
Where Games rely on to force always online, excused by DRM, that is by means and should be skipped, avoided. Even Steam allows offline mode for gaming (in single player mode, of course)