Pima5KPlus owener, Unable to login to view Controllers+BS order


I have a Pimax5K Plus, and I am new to the forum. I have pre-ordered the controllers which i think wont be available till march 2020 (hard to trust that its true even), and I do want to use my pimax5K Plus but I believe i will like to buy the Index BS+Controllers from HTC directly and I dont want to have any dependency on Pimax for that, so I would like to know how about the refund policy. ($300+$50[Shipping]+Tax), I expect to get a complete refund as there was no communication from @PimaxUSA.

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Your order is on the old store as mentioned in the login page (I found it myself recently):

You may have noticed that our website has changed drastically since the last time you checked in, Please click Here to check your orders if you placed before October 9th, 2019.

So old store is here:


well I did try to use that link and it wont work, even the forgot password fails to recognize my email id, which just makes it worse. I remember my password and I did login few weeks ago and anyway its a dead shopify link. Not sure what should be my next step.

Communication is very important, I remember previously i was able to talk to a human using a number, now they dont have any phone number to call, and they never sent me a email reply. I live in Sanjose and they have a office here, but thats not where I should be going.

Weird. It works for me and I pre-ordered in October 18.

Agree, thats the problem. I have seen people on the same boat, my order was sometime in july 2019. I think they messed up the database during changing the logins. Also its weird they have 2 logins for store. Currently i just have my order number, a proof as my credit card bill and a link to store that doesn’t open anymore.

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That’s probably enough. As long as they can verify that the purchase was made.

You should also have the mails from the order.

@Matthew.Xu I would need your help with getting refund for the controllers and base station pre-order.
Also i never get any reply from support.

I’ve asked the team to help you with your refund application.