PieMax opens restaurant that fails to deliver your meal and offers to sell you a different one while you wait

Nice :grinning:




I hope the 8KX is as good as it seems, and that it makes it quickly to the customers now, because this kind of articles can kill a company…


Dont click on that link, thats all they want, traffic !


I know that you’re supposed to ignore the haters, but this really is a matter of Pimax’s policy becoming a joke. I don’t want Pimax to fail, but this is a HUGE warning sign. This is some crappy little site, but it’s getting traction everywhere and there’s obvious reasons why.

Robin Weng needs to wake up and smell the coffee. Mr Weng you are literally dealing yourself out of the market!

Incentivize your backers! Do some good will! Get the backers to say good things about Pimax!

The vision rebrand is a cash grab- a hustle- and the VR world knows it. Finish your kickstarter. Give backers a worthwhile upgrade path. Drop the old models and slim down the new ones. As @mixedrealityTV said in your interview, pare down the number of devices! If support is starting to fire on all cylinders than send out some coupons for happy customers to go say something good about the company- on FB, Insta, YT, Twitch, Reddit… anywhere. WAKE UP!

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Best Post of this Forum! Funny as hell!


Although I should hate this, I must admit I loved it :joy: it made me laugh so hard the entire lunch restaurant was suddenly staring at me here…


It is hilarious, you are losing out if you don’t.

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Good sport Martin, yeah it’s super funny :joy::beers:


@SweViver can`t talk to you just now, he is on the phone talking to his lawyers :partying_face::upside_down_face::innocent::heart_eyes:


Brilliant. LMAO. :rofl:


This obviously nothing to do with the Pimax company, how can our company connected with a restaurant. I can not imagine what’s going on with the internet. There are so many rumors on the internet. A couple of days before, someone wrote about all the service moved back to China, We were sitting in the San Jose office, type on the keyboard and communicate with your guys. Those of you guys who received the package from us can saw the shipping address is from San Jose. The UPS, USPS and FedEx, all the neighbors can verify we are still here, nothing happened for moved out. We do not understand how can this kind of article came out. Back to this one made our company connected to many restaurants. I can not imagine how shocked the Chinese colleagues saw this post after they wake up. We admit that there are a lot more we need to improve, and indeed we are trying to do best. It is not the right thing to bring out so many rumors. Thanks.

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Hi Amy, just checking you realise this web site is meant as joke. It says ‘Satirical news’ at the top. I don’t think it’s intent is to confuse or offend.


I believe a person of good character will not make fun of others, especially he does not know all the truth.


Irony is an extremely difficult concept if English is not your first language. I remember once I tried to tell a joke to the team at my office in China. Zero people got it, so I resorted to basics with why did the chicken cross the road? Zero people got that one as well. They were discussing why would he *want to cross the road and exactly what is on the other side. It will get interpreted literally almost every time.


I totally agree humour does not always travel well across different cultures.


The Internet is brutal, Amy. Nothing’s sacred.

I know it might not be come across that way, but most of us here don’t mean any harm if/when making fun of others. In fact where I work people would consider You a weird/tight up person if You didn’t… :wink:

We all want You to succeed! :slight_smile:


Calm down Amy, just a fun joke someone did.

About the topic of services moving to China, I think it was about the support…


Yes when I calm down I found this is just a joke. But I still feel unfair. The truth is that everyone in the Pimax company working hard try to solve the issues. Even Robin Weng , everyday he is the last one going back to home at midnight.But it is true that there are too many problems we need to fix . As a new company and new product , we need long way to go. We also want to delivery our package as ealier as possible.At the beginning , the product is not perfect so we revise it several times. Thus it took us a lot of time , we are sorry again for the delay, Anyway thanks for remind me , @MarkD


Thanks , you guys are so nice, I feel touched. @DrWilken @TrevorVR


I guess trying to explain the concept of “crocodile tears” would be equally fruitless.