Pi Tools freezes my PC nearly every time!

Hi Guys

Im so fed up with pimax-wished i would have never bought it. Since beginning only problems and i end up just usings my quest 2 because it just works.

The most anoying thing is that pitools literally hard freezes my pc everytime when i start pitools and i have to
reboot my pc .

What is that? I have never experienced something like that with any hardware i bought.

I have to do this process 3-5 times and then it sometimes works or i just give up and use my quest 2 …

Pimax support wasnt very helpful— there english is super bad… im a german native speaker- but there english is like 2nd grade english. I just run in circles with them .

So i thought i ask the community if you know something how i can fix that

Thank you

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Hmm. I sometimes had pitools freeze for several minutes… but I don’t think that’s your issue.
I think we need more info:
What Hmdare you using?
What version of pitools?
What version of the firmware?
What is your graphics card?
Operating system?
Have you got anything running in the background?
Have you tried running pitools as an administrator? ( you shouldn’t have to, but it’s worth a try.)
I hope we can help. My first month with my 8KX was pretty rocky- but once I got it working it’s been pretty reliable.


Hey Finn

Thank you for trying to help. I will give you all the info.
It just froze again. When i unplug the headset -start pi tools , and then plugit in. it worked .
Any other tips that i should know as a pimax newbie to get the most out of it?
I also find it hard to find the right setting for my pc and games - where to start?

Hmdare: you mean headset itself? Its an 8kx

OS: Windows 11

GPU : 3080TI nvidia founder edition

RAM :G.Skill F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC Speichermodul 32 GB 2 x 16 GB DDR4 3600 MHz

Case: H7 Flow | NZXT

Motherboard: MSI. PRO Z690-A DDR4(MS-7D25) (U3E1)
CPU: 12th gen I7-12700k,3600mhz

POWER Corsair RM850x PC-Netzteil

COOLING: NZXT Kraken Z73 RGB 360mm - RL-KRZ73-RW - AIO RGB CPU Wasserkühlung

Drives :

Toshiba DT01ACA100 1TB 7200rpm

Crucial CT240M500SSD1 interne SSD 240GB

Seagate Desktop ST3000DM001 HDD

Pi Tools : 1.01.1284

Headset Firmware: V2.1.255.2002

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tools like msi afterburner (there are more from other oem’s) are know to cause problems with pitool
if there is any tuning in place like cpu and ram timing to go above spec’s, tune it down, anything being above spec can cause problems and if there is instability anything should be back to base and any tools not need should be removed, if possible it is helpful to have extra test windows installation with just the minimum to rule out software influence, it can take some effort to track down problems like this, just having decent hardware is no guarantee for a stable system


First off, I have a couple more questions, and maybe somebody more knowledgable than I can help us with thisL could it be a steam issue? Should he (amorgeddon) try an earlier version of Pitools and or the firmware?
Now… I have a couple of suggestions:

  1. Go here and download this guide to adjusting the 8KX. It may not specifically help with this problem, but it’s useful anyway. https://pimax.com/forum/hardware/pimax-adjustment-guide-including-software-ipd/
    IF that doesn’t link you to it, then just use the search function here to find the post.
  2. before you start pitools, open windows task manager and see what else is running. As @IG88
    suggests, MSI afterburner can mess with the pimax.
  3. If that doesn’t seem to be an issue, try a fresh install of pitools.
    Uninstall it, and then delete all the pitools files and folders that may be left behind. They should all be in your main program files folder. Then do a clean install.

Good luck. I had one issue flashing firmware and I had one of the Pimax techs actually log into my computer and solve it remotely.
If you’re reluctant to do that, keep posting to us here, and if you haven’t already, google the issue.
There may be somebody on Reddit, or another venue who has solved an issue like this.



I would suggest to have 2001FW install on the 8KX.

If you’re not familiar with the DFU tool, please ask our tech specialist to schedule a remote session, I’m sure they’re happy to assist you in this scenario.

Besides that, MSI afterburner may be one of the issue, I would suggest to have it unistall on the driver.




Where can i get that firmware. is it a newer or older firmware? I happend before i used afterburner. It happend since i have the 8kx- but i could try the new firmware. Thank you

For your developers:
It happens when the pimax is pluged in- if it is not pluged in and i first start pitools and plug it in after that- no problem. But kind of anoying.

Hi, i have the same problem.
Not every time, but every third start and then only helps: PC restart. In the meantime, various graphics drivers were tried. Different PiTool versions. Windows was completely reinstalled. Even a graphics card change happened. Nothing helped.

Have you been able to solve the problem?

Welcome to the OpenMR!

Can you post your system specs?
Pitool/client version hmd model & Firmware version.

AMD 5800x3d
rtx 4090
the same Problem with a 3090.
Firmware is the 120 Hz Version
PiTool. All possible Versions. Its always the same .

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Can U start your pc with hmd off, or disconnected.
Turn hmd on, when pitool client is up and running.
Same here 8kx 2076

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I tested this yesterday. PiTool started. Then plugged in the USB cable. And crashed :slight_smile:

That would not be a solution I would accept either. I don’t crawl under the table every time I want to use the headset.

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Asus Mainboard?
The question about your mb is mandatory. i have to go the detour to turn off the hmd at the pc start. after client has been started I can turn on the hmd, otherwise freeze. i can live with it well. this is very unpleasant for you.

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He is more asking, I believe for troubleshooting. Your mb model may help. Some users find they need to turn off or not use rgb light software. I have for example Asus ROG Aura b450i gaming I think.

I think he might try disconnecting the headset at the mask end. Or powering it down by holding the power button on the hmd until it goes bright red and stays that way.
I suspect his best bet is a remote session with one of the Pimax tech people.


Hi. I have a ASUS Tuf gaming b550.

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I will try this. Thanks

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