Pi_server.exe virus?

I have been noticing my CPU usage is sitting around 20% on idle. Found the program is pi_server.exe to be the cause.

Even if i close piplay it doesn’t close.

Even When I close it through task manager it keeps popping back up.

Support can you please fix this

Simply try to restart you pc.
Not really sure where you found pi_server, these are my processes.

PiServer_x64.exe requires PiService to be closed first, otherwise it will restart the exe. However disabling all this stuff (i guess) can affect headset recognize while launching.

Would be nice to see some screenshots of the task manager and the file location that loads your cpu.

It does exist, not sure when it actually launches though. Haven’t restarted PC in like 2 weeks.

Yeah, found it too, but never noticed it working.

@jesse300 Whether Pimax was connecting when you closed Piplay?

closed pimax and still there

If i close piservice.exe then close pi_server.exe second it doesn’t come back.

Any solution to this or anyone else have this issue?

I also have this issue. Looking in the event logs you can see tons of event 10031 every time PiPlay.exe runs.

I’m running:
Windows 10 x64
Latest nVidia Drivers
Pimax 1.233
Pimax Firm:

I also have latest firmware and nvidia drivers… Pimax please sort your shit out. Its becoming a joke how bad your software is. Never had this issue wiht any other software before

@jesse300 Could you tell me what type of your PC CPU?

I have Piplay open and I don’t seem to be having this issue?

My system is runnig Windows 10 Pro 64bit
i7 6400k processor
16GBytes RAM
Nvidia GTX1080 GPU
ASUS Hero III Motherboard.

I should have added.
I’m running Piplay 1.1.92. I uninstalled 1.2.33 because it had too many problems connecting, image quality, etc. but I didn’t check the CPU activity for that version.


This issue is in 1.233 specifically.

My Specs:
Windows 10 64bit
Intel i5-4690K
16GB G.Skill 1600Mhz Ram
Nvidia 980TI
Gigabyte Z97 Motherboard

was running the latest piplay and firmware

my pc specs
Windows 10
Intel i5 6600k
16gb ram
nvidia 1070 extreme 8gb

For me closing piplay is not enuf, I have to disconnect my pimax for it to stop.

I have other issues…

1.237 resolves this issue for me. I’m still trying to get 1.239. I’ll report back when I get it downloaded.