Photos of valve index light houses


Nice. Wonder when we get pics of pimax ones. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:


Im gonna guess they will look the same except for some Pimax branding.
See the controller image:

Should as it will be outer shell branded for pimax but valve internals.

more to see… we need to know when we’re going to have them.
@PimaxUSA wrote saying to wait until next Monday.
I hope it’s about the rest of the components and a roadmap of delivery dates.

@anon74848233 It is true that a while ago pimax has not reported on the evolution of the controllers, hopefully have images, videos etc …

What that already would be a complete update of all the remaining accessories that must be sent.

Let’s trust again … and Monday will be cleared our doubts or not depending on how the update.

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Is it correct that the index controllers would work with the Pimax Base Station?


Yes Lighthouses are agnostic