Performance of Pimax Client 1.12 and up in DCS

Since Pimax client 1.12, my VR performance has dropped significantly in DCS. On average, my GPU frame time increases by 0.5ms with Pimax Client 1.12 (or any subsequent version up to 1.16) compared to Pimax client 1.11. I would like to use the latest Pimax Client as it’s tracking is less laggy but adding 0.5ms to my GPU frame time is too much. Is this an expected performance decrease?

I have an 8kX running at 90hz and I use OpenXR. My 8kX firmware is up to date (v2.1.255.299)
My rig is a i9-13900KF with a 4080 and 64GB of DDR5.

Hello Martrem07,
I have a config similar to yours except firmware in 2003. We were someone to notice a loss of performance between the latest versions of the pimax client and the 8KX, personally I went back to the pitool 281 and everything went into place the order. I think that the Pimax client is being developed mainly for crystal due to these developments.

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I have V1.0.1.284, is there any disadvantage compared to Version 281?
I do not play DCS, neither Simmer.

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Of all the versions of pitool tested on my configuration, it is the 281 which “seems” the most stable with my 8KX, I run on an i7 13700k with a 4090 mainly on MSFS - DCS - DR2 with PimaxXR 0.3.2 ( problems with PimaxXR 0.4.0)

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OK thanks, so no need for me to revert, as I do not play DCS currently. I have zero problems with pitool 284.

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Thanks for the feedback, I will try this. I must admit I am surprised about 281 since it was a beta release. Nevertheless, will try!

No joy with Pitool 281 or 284 and PXR 0.3.2 or even 0.3.4. Theses combination introduce instability in tracking when in menus. When in simulation it is kind of ok but random stuttering occurs quite a bit with head movement. From a performance point of view, it is the best with a drop of 0.5ms in GPU frametime compared to Pimax Client 1.12 and up. Pimax 1.11 has good performance but the tracking and distortion in menus is very annoying. The best combnination for stabitily and quality of image remains Pimax client 1.14 with PimaxXR 0.4.0. I wonder if these findings are different for the two versions of the 8KX? Mine is the older version with refresh rate of 60/75/90 hz.

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I have not tested the pimax 1.12 client with versions of pimaxXR greater than 0.3.4
But as I spent an entire weekend testing different configurations, I kept the most reliable in terms of performance for my system without touching the firmware because the 120 Hz works well in version 2003
What I criticize about the Pimax client is a drop in FPS due to GPU occupancy < 85%, under Pitool 99%.
There must be a difference between the versions of the 8KX. but if I’m motivated this weekend, I’ll do some more tests with your results

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Dear Pimax, it’s been two weeks now since this was posted, can someone confirm if this decrease in performance is to be expected or if it is a bug?

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There shouldn’t be a decrease in performance in PimaxPlay versions 1.12 and above. The tracking is less laggy in version 1.16 but worse in version 1.11?

Have you attempted a clean reinstallation? Clearing all Pimax data and local folders/files might help.

Thanks for the tip, after uninstalling and deleting all content and folders from local data and program files folders, the DCS performance with Pimax Client 1.14 is on par with 1.11, with the improve stability in tracking. Might be a good idea to offer the option of a clean install in future update!


yea would be helpfull.

i know EVERY manually update i do.
i make sure to delete ALL pimax related files in Appdata.
(local,locallow and roaming)

and make sure the whole folder is deleted in program folder too.

would be neat for a clean install button for when installing new pitool versions.

Good to hear that!

I’ll share this with the developers. They could potentially work on this because without a clean deletion, there might be files/folders that could impact performance.

Pimax, the essential question is!
do you continue to optimize pimax client for 8KX and others?
Or is it only for the Pimax Crystal?



We have performed tests on each model before the client is ready to be released.

Ok Pimax, but you are testing features but not performance levels.
I’m going to uninstall my pitool completely and retest the 1.14 client to see

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