Performance drop on new amd ryzen 5950X and RX 6900XT graphics card

Long story short i built an all team red system, ryzen 5950X and rx 6900 xt video card. I mainly play iracing. I struggle to maintain 60 fps on low settings, pitool a 1 SS and steam vr app at 100%. My cpu and gpu utilisation never goes over 47-50%. Is this normal? I previously had an i9-10900KF + a 2080ti and i neved struggle to maintain 90 fps with way higher settings. Am i missing something?

My pc specs:
Asus Rog Dark Hero mobo
32 gig ram Gskill 3600 CL16
WD Black SN850 NVMe Gen 4
Ryzen 5950X
RX 6900XT Reference card
Pimax 5k Plus

Can someone try to guide me how come is this and how to fix this issue?

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Well, unfortunately I cannot really help you directly.
But when I build my new system in last Decembre, I took NVidia again although I was thinking about buying a 6800 or 6900 XT…
Why? => Because concerning VR, NVidia still is largely in advantage compared to AMD… unfortunately.
You simply cannot extrapolate the 6900 XT’s general better performance compared to the prior AMD GPU’s and even in-range-performance to the 3080 or 3090 into VR…

My personal advice:
If ever you can, change the 6900 XT to a 3080.
I have a 3080, and although I’d have liked to give AMD a chance this time, the 3080 (or 3090 if you have the money) simply is the better option for VR.



Yes indeed i’ll try to sell my 6900XT which i paid a ridiculous amount…and pay another MORE ridiculous amount for a EVGA 3090


Honestly you could save money and get a 3080 for better performance.


I don’t think it is necessary to pay even more for a 3090.
I had a 2080 Ti before, too, and the 3080 gave me +10-20% depending on game and situation, together with the new 5600X (instead of the old 2600X).
In the benchmarks I know, the 3090 is “only” 10-15% faster than the 3080 - in 2D-flat gaming. I fear, you won’t get beyond +5 / 7 / 8% with the 3090 over a 3080 in VR.
So, in the end, it is your choice whether this is worth to buy a 3090.

=> Give a 3080 for a little more reasonable price a try, first :slight_smile:
You probably will get a noticeable gain over the former 2080 Ti, and it should be a bit cheaper than the 6900 XT. No need to burn more money than necessary :wink:

The problem with the 3080 is the vram. I have no money issues so i’ll try to grab a 3090, in the next decade lol

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