Perfect VR Hand Controllers - why doesn't someone just do this?

What annoys me about every VR hand controller I’ve seen is the severe lack of buttons, why not just chop a dual shock style controller in half, stick a strap on to hold it in your palm and be done?

Ya get all your normal buttons for all standard controller games, ya get far more buttons than the current gen VR controllers, they’ll be recognised as VR controllers in game too and the idea could be expanded upon such as how the pimax controllers will recognise if your gripping or not too.

Just seems logical to me shrugs

p.s. f34r my Paint skillZ! :smiley:


I have a few of those, now where is my hacksaw :grin:


Steamcontroller would work well with mode shifting.

Not a fan of those touchpad for d-pad etc.
Used the vive controllers which had them n found them yucky! much prefer ya standard thumbsticks :slight_smile:

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Steamcontroller Touchpads are better quality than the Ones used in the Vive. Not fussy on the Vive wand design either.

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nintendo switch controller is like that

Even envisioning better quality I’d still choose thumbsticks myself, but each to their own :slight_smile: n anyway, the above could be done with either like how pimax are doing with theirs where the buyer has a choice of either :slight_smile:

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Indeed why I chose both. As one might even want to mix left stick right pad or vice versa. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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