People who’ve tried it: did it really feel like this picture?

I look at this picture a lot, I find it rather inspiring. I would love to hear from someone who would tell me if the field of view really does feel like this picture.

I do not have the Pimax 8k yet, but i really think that your picture is right.
Fov 200 is great, it is a must have for me.

As I said in my review, the difference didn’t seem quite as great as that. I’ll be interested to see if it improves with the updated lenses in V4 and V5 since they said they were only utilizing about 80% of the screen right now, but hoped to increase that with better lenses.


To showcase it. Properably better to use the in headset demo i hear StarVR used.

Would not say it was that dramatic, but it surely was a big difference compared to Rift & Vive. Both horizontal and vertical FOV were substantially bigger, but I could notice the black ring at the outskirts of my view when paying attention. But apart from the great improvement of the FOV, the fact of the sweet spot being expanded to cover almost the entire view is another huge improvement I really appreciated when testing the Pimax 8K with Fruit Ninja.


That’s cool. Maybe in v4 or v5 they can get it to utilize 100% of the screen instead of 80 and boost fov to human level.

I tried the 8K last week and what I found surprising was how natural the 200 FOV felt. I didn’t get to see 110 degrees grow into 200 degrees so it wasn’t as dramatic as this animation but the reality is correct. You WILL experience that much more view space and it will feel completely normal. It’s just your memory of ‘the old days’ that will help you experience a difference


If your not looking for the edge, does it really feel like all of your fov in game?

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@SweViver has a review posted.

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It’s a good review, a lot of people who cancelled there pledged are pledging again after watching this:


Experts are better than speculated issues. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles:

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I have the Oculus Rift and tried to use it without the facial insert. just to see what it did for FOV. Of course not comfortable (lenses to close) but it already really made a difference to go from 110 to ca 130 degrees.

For simracing games that I do the extra FOV is important to have the extra sense of speed and awareness, like you have with triple monitors.

Can a gif truly have feelings?


@SweViver can you confirm that the p8k feels like this gif from topic?

Thanks for adding my video, Im glad u liked it! :slight_smile:
As I mentioned, the vertical FOV was 100% as I couldn’t see any borders nor on the top or bottom. On horisontal sides there was still a thin black and rounded border at the far left and far right side, but its maybe 5-7 degrees each and its really not something that will bother us. To cover the full horisontal vision we would probably need 210 or 210 FOV but I dont think it’s necessary. The difference between headsets like Vive and Rift is definitely HUGE.
I wish there was a demo for the Pimax that could show an example like the video above, going from 110 to 200 FOV, that would probably explain it better. Anyhow, I was amazed about the FOV and Im sure u will be as well :slight_smile:


I expect it’s like when you try explain what VR is like to a non VR person,it’s now going to be the new paradigm to explain what it is like going from 110 to 200 FOV or as Mr Ang put it going from binoculars to Ski googles :wink:

I read about lots of people comparing the 8K to Oculus and Vive, but as this is largely a forum for Pimax 4K users, wouldn’t it make more sense to compare the 8K to the 4K?

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The Vive and Rift are the two big competing products, most people would be interested in a comparison against those.

I would also be willing to bet a pretty large amount of money on that most backers are owning either of those devices.


You need to compare 3. As PiMax only has 30k 4k sales, comparing it solely to the 4k will not reach as many ppl.

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