PE with IPD tutorial anytime soon?

Hi @SweViver and @arminelec,

I love what you have brought to the table with PE and how much more approachable it has made the entire Pimax 8KX experience for me.

The most recent addition of dynamic backlight adjustment as well as the overall UI improvements you have made cannot be understated.

My single biggest issue with the 8KX remains dialing in IPD both hw and sw with the goal to reduce eye strain as much as possible. I have an IPD of 67.9mm but now matter what combination of hw and sw IPD settings I use, the eye strain remains and is the single biggest reason why I am using my G2 more and more in spite of its abysmal FOV.

So I was wondering if there is an ETA to the IPD tutorial solution within PE. Will it rely on eye tracking to work?

My use case is almost exclusively sim racing by now and with my 8KX I find it close to impossible to find a configuration that allows for both sharp distance focus as well as looking at my steering wheel to check segment times, gears etc. without becoming cross-eyed. This is surely in part also a convergence/accomodation issue but both my Index as well as the G2 do not suffer from this.


Since the first time I booted PE, I’ve been looking at the IPD Guide Icon every day. Would love to have some info too!


Adding my vote for this as well.

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Me too , it’s a great idea, if we ever get the eye tracking update, it would be great to incorporate both!!

Thank you! We are delighted to hear our endless efforts are appreciated so much :slight_smile:

Short answer: No, we have no ETA on it yet.

Longer answer: I am almost finished with the Cloud Profiles. Once this new feature is released, @SweViver and I will have our next round of re-prioritizing our tickets in backlog. Currently, besides the core bug-fixes, the new IPD adjustment system has the highest priority. There are other features in backlog that need to be prioritized as well (e.g. Steam VR controls and overlay, lighthouses, etc.). However, considering the amount of requests coming in for IPD adjustment, it is highly likely that our focus will be on the IPD system.

We appreciate feedback from everyone. We read all of them and take them into account, even though we barely have time to answer most of them.


Thanks for your feedback, I appreciate it almost as much as your continued efforts!


Perhaps this thread is usefull

WMR DEBUG TOOL - cross eye alignment - Virtual Reality - ED Forums (

Wait! Do you mean it analyzes the scene and adjusts the backlight automatically if it detects a dark scene for better black levels? Kind of like a television?

@SweViver @arminelec

Would you guys consider exposing some of this via public Trello board?

We have already considered it. You will get to see the tickets, cast your votes, etc. No ETA on it though.

Why am I tagged there? Is there a question for me to answer?

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lol, i tagged you because I thought dynamic backlight was PE’s doung. But now that I think about it, that would be more driver level.

This is my second days using the Pimax 8KX. Yep, I had this thing sitting for a long time waiting to build a PC and finally was able to use it. Everything go smoothly as far as updating firmware and running the Pitools and PE. But I got to say that IPD is definitely a problem. I don’t remember playing with the IPD that much when using my HTC VIVE back then. I am getting crossed-eyed just trying to get it right. My IPD is about at the initial limit of 60mm or 61mm. But I heard that one should get it 4 or 5mm lower than their actual number just make it feel right. So I play with software IPD horizonally and get the number I like and it feels better. I didn’t touch the vertical IPD as that didn’t seem to help. Still, I am always aware that something still a little off. I got to say that using the 170FOV help expanding the sweet spot. And that’s what I did because I spend a lot of time watching movies.

I got to say that watching 3D movies is great with this headset or just movies in general. Finally, the SDE doesn’t bother me. I didn’t even pay attention to it like I did when I start using the horrible HTC VIVE back then. But still, it is not 100% totally free of SDE. There is still some but hardly noticeable. It is like watching 1080p compare to the 480p of HTC VIVE. To get to 4K, I guess the next headset will have to be 8K resolution! Now this is just for watching videos. But if you’re talking about gaming? The picture quality is even more amazing…it’s like 4K as demonstrate in HL:Alyx.

As for the software, got to give prop to Sweviver and Arminelec to making it possible. It makes thing so much easier especially when you can have specific settings for a specific game…if not for this…it will be hard to keep changing settings back and forth. I still have an issue with the opening too much apps. It’s like I am constantly fighting over SteamVR and Pitools and PE and even Pimax Home? When things are not working or when game are not loading for whatever reason…i had to figure what causes it…is it the SteamVR getting too high resolution…is it some of the settings I did on Pitools. I had to close this and open that and run this again in order get the game to open. I mean I know I am still new, but c’mon! Is it true that SteamVR had to run first for the game to load? Or does it matter? It looks like when I launch game from PE, it launch SteamVR. Also, why is it that when I launch a game from PE and when I quit the game, it doesn’t take me back to PE so I can launch another app/game? It just hung there showing Pi logo or something. Then I have to quit SteamVR and PE and restart again, a pain in the $##…I don’t know how many times I have to do that …too many to count and this is my SECOND days using Pimax 8KX. Anyway, hope things get better in the future.

You don’t have to quit both SteamVR and PE when exiting a game. You only need to quit SteamVR and it will automatically take you back to PE. If you use the SteamVR option screen to exit your games then you will immediately go back to PE, otherwise you would need to exit SteamVR after the game exits.

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Alas there is no way to exit SteamVR natively without the use of a controller save for some DIY VoiceAttack based macros.

If this functionality were implemented it would be amazing as it would allow for close to complete control via PE without the need for controllers which for e.g. simracing would make the whole workflow far less cumbersome.

It doesn’t sound like you have the distance from the lenses correct. You probably need a thicker face pad.

No way, a thicker facepad would be even worst. The sweet spot isn’t that great unless you’re close to the lense to see things clear or increase to 170 max FOV or increase rendering. And you can’t even move slightly left or right too much or the picture will get disoriented.

I noticed that but sometimes quitting SteamVR doesn’t bring you back to PE.

Hmmm, maybe you should try reinstalling it then because it should always bring you back unless there is something wrong. PE has always come back after quitting SteamVR for me.

It works.

I’m now trying to figure out how to solve the IPD issue to get the best sweet spot. It seems like no matter what I do or how I play with the software IPD, there is always that ripple effects when the two lenses converged. I mean in real life, you still experience the ripple effects, but it’s slightly more to the edge of your view. In Pimax 8KX, the ripple effects happen at a distance kind of below your eyes which is wrong. This can cause you to perceive the image rather than actually seeing it in details and clarity. Something tells me that this style of lenses where it stretches like two is creating this effects. Sure it gives you wider view, but at the expense of two unnatural ripple effects in between.

To anyone here with IPD adjustment problems:

This thread was brought to my attention today:

I will look into this matter before implementing and releasing the full IPD wizard system.

Let us know in that thread, what your thoughts are (about what is mentioned in that thread), preferably after you try it out.