PE with Assetto Corsa CM and Motion Compensation

As @SweViver requested, I have moved my question regarding CM and Motion Compensation to this section of the forum:


Thanks for reposting it here.
I have to admit Ive never used CM so I have to test it and see how it works.
Although, as far as I understand, its a desktop application, so unless we get a virtual desktop feature added, Im not sure how we are able to implement CM support into PE at this point… im a little confused about that part… :thinking:

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Hi @SweViver,

I understand that a virtual desktop feature is still a bit in the future, but from what I understand (my 8KX should arrive via ebay tomorrow), the usability via CM isn’t affected, if the settings applied to e.g. ac.exe are also in effect, if the .exe isn’t called via PE. Is that the case?

The workflow would then be:

  1. (initial application of global SteamVR adjustments and .exe specific adjustments via PE)
  2. open VirtualDesktop via PE
  3. Open CM via Virtual Desktop
  4. Launch ac.exe via CM (with PE applied settings)

So, as I said, it really boils down to the following question:

Are the settings applied by PE to both SteamVR globally and the application specific .exe independent of how that .exe is launched?

An easier way of asking would be, if opening a game directly via SteamVR would still carry all the adjustments made via PE?