PE 0.80 and 0.81 no lighthouse available - SOLVED

PE is breaking the link with vive LH 1.0 in Steam VR. Had to revert back to .7.

Why weren’t you using .85 1?

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Why not the 85 2?

This is interesting. PE does not communicate with the lighthouses in any way. PiTool and the Pi Service do that work.

I would recommend trying the current latest PE with the latest PiTool version to see whether you have this issue or not.

Side note: after installing the latest PiTool, install the latest PE, just in case PiTool installs an older version of PE by mistake.

I hope using these latest versions will help resolve your issue.


Thank you all for the replies. Will try again and report back.

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With the last release it works with zero issues. Not sure what happened at my first try. As an ex owner of vive, 8k, reverb I am all over the 8kx! Love it, love it, love it!

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