PC Restarts randomly when playing Steam VR games(Any game)

Date: 01/12/2023
Issue Title: PC Randomly restarts

Despite re-installing Windows, re-installing drivers, steamvr 1.x as well as 2.0, pimax client etc. When ever I play using the Pimax crystal, the pc randomly restarts. I know this comes down to Crystal power issue because if I play games like cyberpunk or any high demanding non steamvr games, there are no issues. When i tried my old HTC vive or samsung oddessey games, there are no issues, however after multiple troubleshooting with usb connections and unplugging everything out, the system seemed stable, till it restarted(No BSOD). When I finally unplugged all the monitors but 1 and the HMD (triple monitor setup), games now start and I can even play for a while. however the PC will still randomly restart. Could the PIMAX CRYSTAL be that power hungry my pc cannot cope or is a bug causing these random restarts. Bench testing with 3d mark works with no issues either. Anyone have any ideas or advise ?

HMD Model: Pimax Crystal
First 3 Numbers Serial: P30
Pitool Version:
HMD Firmware: Latest
Tracking: Crystal controllers (Inside out)

System Info

  • Windows Version:Win 11
  • CPU: 3900xt
  • RAM: Corsair DDR4 64G
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte X570 Aurus Ultra 1.1
  • GPU Model: RTX MSI 4080
  • GPU Driver: 546.17(Latest)
  • SteamVR Version: 2.0
  • Oculus Version: N/A
  • PSU: Thermaltake 850W Gold HGC

Attachments (Pics/Video etc…)

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To get Pimax to respond try @PimaxQuorra or open a ticket. Since I just did @ them here, they should respond here soon

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Thanks for the ping!

@deco124111 Our support has reviewed your ticket and is investigating the root cause of the issue. A quick remote session may be needed to conduct further troubleshooting.

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Try sticking a good (powered) USB 3 hub between the machine and the HMD. This is a ‘trick’ for old USB devices that drew too much power for a particular board. “Back in the day” it wasn’t all that unusual, for example, to find 2.5" external USB HDDs that wouldn’t power up (especially from USB ports in laptops). It’s a long-shot, but maybe your board’s USB is less-than-optimal and the power-draw from the HMD is causing this. A powered USB hub will provide the power to the HMD itself, rather than drawing that power from your USB port.

What arrangement are your memory modules? 2X32 , or 4X16 ? 4 modules may not be as stable on your rig as you think. As an experiment you could remove two leaving the proper slots populated and see what happens.

@DustyBritches @mr_spongeworthy @dogbite @PimaxQuorra
Thank you for all your responses.
I have fixed the very weird issue.
As per @DustyBritches I have tried the memory modules and practically everything in the elimination process book. 3 power hubs, no luck, I have even redone the pc with two different nvme and tried multiple configs as there were times , just going into the pimax client caused reboots. I have even taken the pimax headset to a store with similar specs.

In the end, it was my Asus 27 inch monitor.
I have 3 monitors 2x 24 and 1 x27(Primary monitor). I disconnected the 24 inch’s with the 27 being alone.
Since the restarts were so random, I would have never known it to be the monitor.
After troubleshooting and trying the 24 inch isolated. I have had no issues.

Initially, I thought it was software. But I took a week to narrow it down and slowly letting a bare PC and adding another program each time to see if it was causing the crashes with icue and elgato being the main suspects.

Been playing for 3 days with max settings half alyx
Contractors, etc to see. No issues.

I hope someone has an answer for this as I have never in my 20 plus years in Network and PC building encountered a monitor causing reboots. Also note the Asus 27inch is the latest monitor with all 3 being 1080 60hz.

I hope this helps others as it is a clear testament that anything could be the issue and one cannot rule anything out

WOW that’s a new one good work narrowing that down. I had a similar situation years ago with a trackball mouse that intermittently caused stutters and lock ups while gaming. I took my gaming system mouse to work to temporarily replace a broken one and it started causing stutters and lock ups on my work system so I pulled out my 48 oz ball peen hammer and fixed it permanently. Truly is refreshing to see someone go to such lengths to properly diagnose that sort of issue rather than blaming/slandering Pimax for their laziness. I guess in the end all that matters is how much one is willing to invest to make things work. Congrats.

If you had put the fact you were running 3 monitors in your hardware specs it might have triggered a recommendation that you try disconnecting 1 or 2 there as part of your investigation process (well done btw). Seen triples causing issues here a few times in the forum. :smile:

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@dogbite So that’s what makes this so weird is that it’s not the 3 monitors as I have disconnected the 2 in most testing up untill now.
It’s that a specific monitor namely my primary 27 monitor is the cause where as the 2 remaining 24inch does not cause the crashes. Basically if I only have the 27 connected, I get crashes regardless of what I do. Disconnect that, And I can even run the two 24 connected physically but 1 disconnected through windows. This is not an option for the 27 inch.

Weirdest bsod restart I have ever come across.
Note that there is no special software or driver needed for the monitors.

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Gotcha. Ya funky hardware is always a pain. Price we pay for plug and play :grinning: