Pavlov VR, Zombies patch

Pavlov has been updated with new maps, tutorials and zombie mod.

Was about to try it out but once the game started I dont have controllers (Wands) recognized by the game, they are ok in steam VR and in Steam menu (while ingame) but in the game it shows only one and laying on the ground, cant select anything or what.
My son is trying it right now with his Vive without issues.

Anyone else having this issue?
Tried Vive only etc etc several things but nothing works.

Figuired it out it was not in default binding for some reasons.
So if you have this trouble, check config (Lower button on controller->settings->controller configuration ->Pavlov and select Default binding by developpers. :+1:

Here a small footage showing some gameplay with the 8k , English subtitles are available as usual, turn them on!