Patent Filings Detail Sony's Plan to Make a Breakthrough VR Headset

Very Interesting Read!

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Interesting indeed. Though we need more opensourcing of tech as patents often get in thr way of moving ideas forward.

Ie Electric cars for the longest time have been hindered by patents being bought &/or filed just to prevent earlier releases.

Oculus has had FFR in their SDK long before Nvidia Turing release. Something like 3 or 4 different methods developers can use.

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220 FoV * drool * :drooling_face: i used to own a PSVR, it had a surprisingly wide view considering it’s specs and had no binocular vision, it just has horrible SDE and limited by the terrible move controllers / DS4 and PS4 performance in general, ( however it’s very comfortable to wear out of the box, and im guessing the next one will be too ) but i’ll happily purchase a PS5 JUST for the next Version of VR they bring out, im sure it will be pretty amazing, and well, being a VR gamer and finally experiencing 170 - 200 fov on Pimax, i gotta buy it just to try it, lol.

if Sony can nail the controller design and having no lag being wireless, they might really have something amazing.


Still iffy on the 220 FoV especially since tge Article mentions only 2560×1440. Guessing the 220 is more just a patent and/or rumor.

Unless there using Dual screens like the 5k+. If using a single screen it would want/need a 32:9 display. I think if mem serves would be something like 3840×1440 for Res. Be interesting to see what they have planned as time draws near. Especially with maintaining 120hz.

If you still have the psvr check out iVRy in steam store. Have read psvr helmet can be quite nice on pc or even the ps4 pro.

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yes, i own the PS4 Pro, but i sold my PSVR a few months back… hmm, :thinking: i might grab another one though to try on my new PC if it works… had no idea you could do this.

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even diagonal ? would be same as Pimax yes? they claim 200 but really it’s 170?..200 is diagonal fov? so maybe 190 fov horizontal, still massive.

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There have been a few pc psvr programs. At present at least for headset connection iVRy from what I read seams to be best & also supports phones.

I think to get full use may need Driver4vr or. KinectToVR to use psmove stuff easy.

Trinus & Riftcat I believe had psvr stuff but was a bit problematic but maybe better now.

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i would end up using the PS4 controller , i can’t handle those terrible move controllers, haha, and 98% of the games i enjoy on VR support gamepad, so until i get the new Pimax controllers / base stations, ( or PS5 VR comes out 1st ) lol, then i’ll just wait.

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Possibly but this would require special lenses like pimax/starvr & xtal unless doing something entirely new. To keep such a low projected price point seems off.

Now I could see Sony maybe also thinking on a pc headset release outside of the ps5.

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“Now I could see Sony maybe also thinking on a pc headset release outside of the ps5.”

would be interesting to say the least.

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Controllerwise you’d be fine with a gamepad.

The other thing on res if headset res total only 2560×1440 that’s only 16:9 aspect which suggests at most a FoV around current psvr headset.

Sony used to have laptops but discontinued them I believe.

“Please be aware that Sony will soon cease to sell PCs. Sony VAIOs will still be available for a limited time, depending on product availability.”

lol, yup!

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Very interesting. Big positive from this is that Sony seems to have big plans for VR, and with their product design and marketing skills, they will likely succeed in putting VR in a lot of homes … and this will lead to lots more high quality big VR games that should (hopefully) also have PCVR versions.