Pass-through Camera?

Has this been discussed or mentioned as a module before?

I make heavy use of the room view feature on my vive and will really miss it, if the 8k wont have a camera.

Also Logitech just announced their Bridge SDK for bringing your keyboard into VR, which also needs a pass-through camera.

Are there any plans for a camera in the headset or as a module?


Hi Creep, 8K reserves an interface for connecting this camera module to achieve the similar function as Vive does. We will also consider to make a module that may appear in our official store (website) in the future.


There won’t be enough usb slots to handle the camera module, hand module and eye tracking all at once will there ?

Maybe instead of hand module.

A stereo cam would be perfect

Take a look at Raidsonic Icy Box 7-port USB 3.0 Hub with USB charge port.

There are also non-powerd usb 3.0 hubs, i have 2 of them.

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That would indeed be very nice and handy.

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As it has 2 USB-C, this should be do-able.

1 USB port for the hand tracking module etc
1 USB port for a proposed camera.

In fact, I wish we had 3 USB-C, as then we could still use the ‘fan’ or wireless module with the above.

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Daisy chaining devices ?

The leap tracker connects to the room cam,
The room cam connects to the eye tracker,
The eye tracker connects to the fan.
Etc etc


And we are expected to mount that on the hmd when they could just implement one ?

That assumes that there is an output on the device as well as in input which is never the case

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That would have to be 2 cameras matching the position of the lenses. Could they do inside out tracking too?

But could be an idea to incorperate.

If the team can add a third usb-c port maybe on one side? Pass through camera(s) could be mounted using a backet between hand modul & headset. The usb-c can be routed either to the side port via cable or to a powered hub.

And or have usb-c passthrough ports on moduls.

@deletedpimaxrep1 @Matthew.Xu @bacon

if we have hand module/leap montion than all what
we need is a virtual keybord :slight_smile:

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The headset is going to require more power for more usb ports. I’m actually surprised it has 2 ports with no dedicated power supply. I agree more is better though except for cable weight and the future wireless module.

I’m thinking more for chaperone mode or perhaps even augmented reality

So many modules, but will there be enough space to attach them all if someone wants to use them all at the same time?!

I dount it, but if yes just how heavy will the headset become then?

I will discuss with hardware team

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