Parameter Resolution/Load Calculator and Checklist - PiTool Resolution, SteamVR Resolution, Apps (DCS, ED, etc), Pimax 8kX Load Predictions

Curious whether your system and apps are ready to take full advantage of the Pimax 8kX?

Nostalgic to compare with benchmarks from an older era of VR?

Want a template fast checklist to make sure your refresh rate and other settings are correct at startup?

Need to be sure changing visibility won’t cause framerate drops before going on a mission?

Dialing in iterations over various resolutions to get 1.5x super-resolution and smooth framerates?

If yes to any of the above, this spreadsheet is for you!

(latest version)

Performance benchmarks are included and used to estimate Pimax 8kX performance.
So far, it looks like DCS World should run smoothly on Pimax 8kX at 1.50x SR. Elite Dangerous should be fine on Pimax 8kX at >1.25x SR too, which should not be visibly much different from 1.50x, though more investigation with FPSVR is needed.



Thanks for this, will take a look! :+1:


Spreadsheet has been updated with much tougher load statistics. Both DCS World (1.5x SR) and Elite Dangerous (1.4x SR) will run at well beyond full resolution with the Pimax 8kX.

Also included are now a bunch of batch scripts for such things as quickly changing steamvr settings files, and a large set of scripts/shortcuts for quickly managing these sim applications.