P5k+ serial 203 Pitool 263. Need to shutdown HMD (sometimes several) and restart all Pitool services every time change HZ

Current Pitool 263 but issues with all versions.
Nvidia driver version does not matter. Tried several years worth.
Asus 1080TI Gaming.
Asus ROG strix Z270E Gaming motherboard
Windows 10 1909-2004 version does not matter.
P5k+ model P2 serial 203

Hello @Alex.liu

I have sadly yet to see a Pitool that works properly when changing Hz modes on my P5k+ 203. Every time i change it i have to change, then turn it off, restart all the services and hope it works. For the most part i only need to do it once but 120Hz i may need to do up to 5 times before it sticks. In 144 you sometimes just get one eye. I change a fair bit depending on the game and its getting very very tedious and has been an ongoing problem for years. Not much much more i can do than to let you guys know. Since you have now fixed Pitool performance and made it stellar in that department i really hope this get sorted soon.

I made this .bat script from sources around here that may be of use to others. Run as admin

taskkill /f /im pitool.exe
sc stop PiServiceLauncher
timeout 3 >nul
sc start PiServiceLauncher
timeout 1 >nul
start C:“Program Files”\Pimax\Runtime\Pitool.exe


I report the same observations

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