[P4HLP] Getting Started

Congratulations on Purchasing Pimax 4k headset!
This helpfile is a compilation of pimax-support & community contributions.

Preparing your hardware ensure the following

  • If your computer has an igpu (onboard graphics). Ensure it is disabled in the BIOS.

  • Your discrete Graphics Card needs to be plugged into the first PCI-X x16 slot (closest to cpu).

  • Pimax 4k headset needs to be plugged into the discrete graphics card. Preferably a native hdmi port. Any USB port should work.

Software Installation

While recent versions of piplay seem to install fine.
Please follow the steps below; if you have an install error.

  • Reboot your pc with internet disconnected & disable Antivirus. (Disconnecting from Inet protects your system while AV disabled).

  • Run Piplay Installer as Admin. 4 componets will install:
    A) Piplay
    B) Directx
    C) Java
    D) K-Lite codec pak. (Uninstall k-lite if previous installed)

Currently both Piplay & main install of Steam needs to be on C Drive. Your Steam Library can be installed on other drives.

Connect Headset to Hdmi & usb - Test.

  • If install successful. Renable Antivirus & reboot.

  • If unsuccessful:

A) Graphic Jitters If latest GPU driver. Install previous version. (Nvidia users have experienced this)

B) Can hear audio but no picture:

  • Headset has senosr to detect if your wearing it. Sensor located at top of headset between lens.

  • If running latest GPU driver. Try installing previous version. (Amd users have experienced this)

  • Amd Vega users may require this Special Firmware for the Pimax 4k/BE headset.

Pimax 4K Led Colors

  • Blue Led Connected From here you change modes:
    A) Pimax Mode(aka Direct Mode) in this State the headset will not appear in display manager. This mode is used for most VR applications.
    B) Video Mode (aka Extended Mode) often used for video playback & playing non VR games in VR through an injector like Vorpx, TriDef, etc.

  • Green Led Disconnected Lost connection, often Hdmi.

  • Red Green Flashing Dismantling Protect Mode the headset is Bricked. Typically this is caused by either:
    A) Disassembling the Headset.
    B) failed Firmware update.

Using Forum Search:

Search: “[P4HLP]

Select Topic from list: "Red Green Flashing’

This topic provides a 2 Methods to reset the firmware.

But if needed Contact Pimax Support email:


Also post in the Forum using @Pimax-Support & @Sean.Huang & @Community