Other Goodies at Ces 2018

The VR shirt & Android laptop dock definitely neat & Nvidia go service. Interesting idea for multi monitor setup

The Razor Wireless mouse is not new tech i have a mouse that is 20 years old that works as described though it often drifted. No batteties & leds lit up when on induction mouse pad mat.

By alll means discuss & post other gaming toys!

That vr shirt works as the captogloves works . I mean with the same concept. It looks cool :slight_smile:

That nvidia idea too. If it really does what it claims to do, there would be no need to spend a lot of money on newer pc and video cards. The question is how they would be able to counterbalance the money loss from ppl not buying newer and more powerful pc hardware , including video cards ?

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With Nvidia keep in mind they have their Sheild android gaming.

Nvidia has i think its called Gamestream where you can stream a pc game to an android powered by Nvidia’s Tegra processors. So for hardware sales they can make it so you need an Nvidia powered box & of course subscription fees.

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Got it. So they got their way to make money anyway and probably even more than before

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Well look at Sony with Playstation there is an online service called I beleive PSnow? It’s kinda costly but allows playstation games streamed to a pc without a playstation needed. Sony bought awhile ago a crazy game stream service.