Ordered 5K XR ~9 days ago, no info on shipment? (P125340)

I am aware shipping is slower than what one might expect from something like Amazon or Ebay, but I’m wondering just what kind of timeline I should be expecting? Can anyone confirm that zero updates after this long is normal? thanks in advance (Order P125340)

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around here, zero updates after 3 weeks is normal. Welcome to the forum where patience is currency.

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May I ask you, have you received any update yet? It sounds odd. Most orders are processed and send out within a few days and shipping shouldn’t take more than 7-14 days max, most likely faster if its sent from UK/US warehouse…

If you still haven’t got any update, please leave me a DM and I will make sure you get assisted asap.

Still not shipped. After several weeks of emails being told it is waiting “in a warehouse”, I have now been informed they are actually out of stock (which I suspected all along.) You really can’t expect reliable support from these guys. It would be nice if they were just up-front about whether they know what is causing a delay or not. I wouldn’t mind waiting longer if they were just honest about it so I know what to expect.

XR out of stock? Wow thats strange, let me speak with the crew and I will get back to you!

Dear @ChromeEntanglement
Please write, still not received the order? I also ordered …