Order number P123504, small cracks after only 12 days of usage, please take your Headset back and give me the money

@DerekVVV @Heliosurge

Dear Pimax team,

My Pimax has small cracks on the top left corner after only 12 days of usage. Sadly since this is the newer improved P2 unit and some of my friends got the same issue I can’t see why I should replace it when the new one will have the same issue of cracked casing. It is hard for me to go back to my Vive again after this amazing experience you offered to me, thanks for that.

Please take your headset back and give me the money instead, I would even pay for the shipping.

Best regards

EDIT: I opened the SUPEN-4449

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Okay please submit a support ticket.

Folks seem to have some confusion on P2. All pimax 5k & 8ks are P2.

@park explained P1 was all headsets based on Pimax 4k googles shell.


  • Pimax 4k
  • Pimax B1 (2560×1440 Oled)
  • Pimax Pro (2160×1200)


  • Pimax 8k
  • Pimax 5k+
  • Pimax 5k+ 8k BE (discontinued)
  • Pimax 5k XR (replaced oled BE)
  • Pimax 5k(+) 8k RE (replaced BE with improvements like crack resistant case)

@DerekVVV @mozi & @anon84525399 are apparently out of office til monday due to Chinese Labor day holiday.

I myself am a community volunteer. You could also send them a pm.


Is it possible to get 5k+ RE (crack resistant case)
As replacement?

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Probably not without paying them additional money, but like Heliosurge said, you will needro talk to them personally.

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That i will.

Would be pointless to send another one that has a high chance of crack damage.
And send another one again, the cost will be insane for them.

Would it be more help full to use the components of flawed units to the new ones.

I’m sure inside noting is wrong, is just the house casing.
Am i right.

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Difficult to say @mozi said it was possible @PimaxUSA says housings are not compatible.

thank you very much for your fast reply, I opened that ticket as suggested. It is really hard and I’d rather would have a device that doesn’t crack, but I hear that issue way to often since I placed my preorder.

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It’s definitely perplexing as there are some users whom have had it since Nov/Dec without cracks & the leaked drop testing video suggests the housing should handle well.

Pimax team is out of the office til monday. Real numbers of faults is not known. I imagine they are looking into root cause(s) & on coming up with a solution as if this is high enough will be costly covering shipping costs in the meanwhile.

i use my pimax quite often(since 01/2019) and thought all the time i have no cracks on the housing. but now I have 3 cracks too.

can someone tell me when i can request a replacement, if the replacement is then really better and no more cracks occur.

I think it is not very smart for pimax that they send out over all a replacement but still has the same quality. so you will have many returns over and over again.

@anon84525399 @PimaxUSA


It’s best if you get your issue into the system with a ticket. It’s important to make sure tickets are created whenever this happens.

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