Order Issue fee charged for refund on order from Russia. Please Review

Especially, that is performed by Sally Huang.

All I whanted to do is to change my order a bit 10 minutes after I placed it on the June 6th.
So I request a cancellation of my order and describe perfectly that I just want to re-order it.

Pimax was silent for 4 days (!), my credit card was charged, exchange rates were applied.
I was start thinking that all of this were not a good idea at all, but decide to wait for the official answer from Pimax.

On the June 10th Sally replied, that refund is on it’s way.
I was pretty dissapointed that it led to a refund instead of simple cancellation, but i was internally ready for this after my card was charged.

On the June 15th I’ve got an e-mail, that confirmed a refund value of $906.88 instead of $944.00 I have paid!

At first, I think that another transfer on it’s way somehow, and ask Sally what was going on.
On the June 18th Sally replied, that $37.12 is a commission taken for refund!!! !!! !!!
Beyond that I cannot find that any commission is taken on Pimax site, Sally did not mention me that, clearly knowing that I was just going to re-order, and such a case may surely affect my decision of order cancellation.

So, at last, with $37.12 commission and all exchange rates applied, I have lost about $130 after all.

Thank you, Pimax! Thank you, Sally!
I will not re-order, I think… “The moment is lost” as they say…

Issues like this are totally unacceptable.

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If your dealing with support then you would have a support ticket? What is it??

@anon74848233 @PimaxUSA @SweViver

I’ll look into this but I don’t know anyone at Pimax named Sally (maybe she is new?). There is a Sean Huang though.

Update: I found it. Did find Sally and all the logs related to the transaction. In your location, Russia Stripe charges a fee to reverse a transaction.

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SUPEN-5299 in the old system, #16026 in the new one

Yes, I’m from Moscow, Russia

Thanks… I have pinged some staff that might be able to get to the bottom of this for you… Good luck


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In Russia Stripe charges a Fee to reverse a transaction.

This is not a problem. The problem is that no one mentioned it before refund.

I’m not sure he actually wanted a refund… Looking at his post here, he said he wanted to change it slightly. I obviously can’t see his original email in the ticket tho.

I’ll ask if somehow we can issue you a coupon that includes the $50 discount you were trying to apply and an additional $37.


Неre is original ticket in the old support system ( SUPEN-5299 )

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That would be really nice! Something like that is what I was expecting from support!

I see you used the word ‘cancel’ and not ‘change’, I can see why the order was refunded now. I think Pimax are going above and beyond! Thanks @PimaxUSA as the cancel and refund was done and fee charged by a 3rd party.

But I do wish you well and hope it turns out to everyone’s satisfaction :slightly_smiling_face:


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The idea of my request was pretty clear, and the support service that really cares should help me to avoid doing stupid things, not just executing them without a doubt. And again, it must inform the users of any additional charges that may take place before they are taken.

That’s stupid on Pimax’s is part. A refund is something that happens when an item has been charged to a credit card and the item has been shipped/delivered.

You cancel an order when something hasn’t been shipped yet and cancelling orders or making changes to them usually have a no fees if requested in the window of opportunity, this is standard practice in online orders

Pimax however seems unable to handle something as simple as orders in a timely fashion thus all this shenanigans, I would also say that lack of basic English reading comprehension is also a factor.

I have said it before and will say it again this is something Pimax needs to get a handle on if they wish to sell outside of China. In this case I would say Pimax needs to correct this as the error is on their part for misunderstanding a simple request such as this.

Just to inform everyone interested - the case may seemed solved, as Pimax promised to consider issuing a coupon to smooth things over, but it is not, actually, as no coupon have been delivered yet, and @PimaxUSA is not responding for personal messages on this case for the last 3 days…

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