Order eyetracking

Hi. In July Pimax is sending the first eyetracking modules. How can we get our discount and make the order? Thanks.

They’re working on the store page for the eyetracking, should be online soon

Can we expect for the eyetracking module to be available on purchase some day for non backers?
I know you said they would be available only for backers, but :

  • kickstarter started a few weeks from christmas and not everyone found king Solomon’s mines
  • since you started selling Pimax headset, you have to deal with new customers that may NEED some accessories like this (especially future 8kx orders)


The module will absolutely be available for sale once we cover the backers. The ramp on the eye tracking is very good so I think covering those will only be a small amount of time.

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That’s a great news, thank you!