Options other than Vive?

I’m now completely wireless on my Vive setup so I can’t imagine replacing that with the Pimax 8K headset as that means I need to return to a wire (ugh). I also have Oculus Rift but it doesn’t appear the Pimax 8K is an option there as there is no support for positional tracking. Any options here or is it time to sell my Pimax 8K before I’ve used it a single time?

Let it collect dust for now, the wireless adapter will come out sometime this year, I think.


Ehhmm…? You’re saying You’re not even willing to try the Pimax 8K even though You have it and also have basestations and wands/controllers, a “luxury” which many don’t as they didn’t have a Vive before getting their Pimax, because there’s no wireless option, yet…? :wink:

If I were You I’d probably give it a spin anyway. Maybe use it for less active games/experiences until a wireless option arrives… :slight_smile:


Just get an overhead cable system. It removes a large portion of the cable annoyance. Try Amazon. They have lots of them on there.


really you have lighthouse and vive controllers and dont use the 8k
sound like a are afraid of your 8k, you might like the wider field of view and the reduced sde better then wireless

i have a tpcast’ed vive with gear vr lens mod (no godrays) and that thing is collecting dust, true its annoying to go back to cable but its ok for most games, my vr area is just 3x3m so the wireless freedom had its limits


16’ x 16’ space here. Love more active games. Once you have Vive Pro with wireless it’s impossible to go back to a wire - even for a higher res.

I think the unit would sell better if I can honestly state it’s in the original box and has never been used. Are there more official details on wireless for the 8K?

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Wireless is a 3rdparty module & don’t think any new details.

As a Backer if you choose to sell you will be able to sell for good coin. Especially if you wait on accessories. Truth I think you might find yourself torn between wide FoV vs wireless freedom tbh.

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I can just imagine…you sell it brand new/sealed box on ebay…buyer gets his pimax, opens the box and sees cracks on the casing…has a hissy fit and thinks you scammed him…