Options for selling old hardware (vive)

After ordering just the 8k headset, I’ve been considering any value in my old hardware, my conclusion is it’s worth more to keep spare than ever try to sell.

Here are some prices, for the other parts they would need if I wanted to sell just my Vive headset: (UK pounds)

2 controllers £230
2 lighthouse £240

So someone who bought my headset, would have to pay another £470 to use it, and they can buy a whole new set for £600.

This means even to match the new set price, its at best £130…

I guess they could get away with one lighthouse?

Anyone considered this? I guess the accessory prices may come down next year?

Your best potential buyer would be a Vive owner with a broken headset.


yes that’s a good suggestion… assuming the other few thousand don’t all dump their headsets on ebay all at once!

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I would hold onto the controllers as backups. Sell the rest individually as parts.

If you keep a controller for backup you need to keep a vive lighthouse as well.

As you say selling the Vive HMD is not an option. Noone would be stupid enough to buy it without the other components.
I went for the Pimax 8K HMD only option as well. The Vive is the backup in cas Pimax does not pull off its promises.
If the Pimax HMD is as good as I hope the Vive will be a paperweight though.

One option to sell it could be a Vive user with a defective HMD though. HTC support sucks and is expensive. Might be easier to just pick up a used HMD.

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Other potential buyers are VR arcades, or people who only want to play flight/racing sims and only need 1 lighthouse without the controllers

Why would you need to keep a lighthouse as well as a controlller? From what i understood op had backed an 8k full package. Me myself as someone who’s been a long time vive owner, am all too familiar with the trackpad issues that plague the otherwise decent vive wands. Also room scale melee games…yeah a backup controller or two couldn’t hurt lol.

To clarify I have ordered just the 8k headset, so I’m going to need my lighthouses and controllers. The only thing redundant is the vive headset.

I’m thinking now that perhaps someone who only plays seated, cockpit games would be perfectly happy with just a headset, and purchasing a single lighthouse. This would allow games like Elite or DCS. I’m also assuming here that it’s possible to plug the vive directly into the PC without the breakout box, I’ve never actually tried that.

On the topic of breakout boxes, if we aren’t using one with Pimax I think the 10m cable becomes a necessity! I had 5m usb/hdmi cables connected to my breakout box, as my play area is a few metres from the PC.

Read about lighthouse v2.0. They are not compatiable with v1 headsets & controllers.

The pimax headsets & pimax controllers have tracking v2.0 which is compatible with both lighthouse versions.

Hmm so maybe they couldn’t buy V1 lighthouse new anyway…

This is getting messy. I’m just going to put the headset in the cupboard… :slight_smile:

I hear you. V2 lighthouses have considerable improvements & the new design is cheaper. Unfortunately while v2 tracking is backwards compatiable. The lighthouse v2 is not backwards compatiable & cannot be used with v2 lighthouses.

Alot of ppl have the same trouble with steam un regard to Windows. Many assume if it says Windows your good.

I’m gonna buy the knuckles + v2 lighthouses so I can sell the whole vive package.
(I assume buying the knuckles + v2 lighthouses will be cheaper than buying htc wands + v1 lighthouses)

I just hope my wand controllers will stay alive until they release the knuckles :slight_smile:

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My bad I forgot about that heh

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This may have been a sensible approach, I’ve already had both my controllers back under warranty for dodgy track pad issues. They have been ok for months now but I am concerned about how long they will last. As for lighthouses though, they seem to be bullet proof. The whole V2 hardware thing is a little annoying, I was hoping the passive tracking would be good for years.


The v2 lighthouse has less componets inside of which makes cheaper to manufacture & in theory should have better price for consumers.

V1 should be good at least until valve makes a v3. Lol

The above link Support posted an image to show some of the differences.

I’m going the other route and trying to figure out if I can get my Vive to run on the same base stations that the Pimax will be running on from my second computer. Local Multi Player anyone?

The Vive headset/controllers can work on the same lighthouses if you use the vive lighthouses.

The PiMax Lighthouses however will only with Pimax controllers & headset. The Valve knuckles & lgsteamvr will also work with Pimax lighthouses.

As for 2 headsets on the same lighthouses not sure. Try searching running 2 Vives sharing lighthouses.

After a quick google, it sounds like it’s totally possible! I guess my wife is getting my hand-me-down! Or maybe it will be better served as my guest VR HMD. We are truly living in the future.


Yeah why i ordered a 5k full with the 8k full. Guests & if they go with 2 knuckle designs will have 1 of ea.