Optimal PCIE card for 8K-X with extension?

A quick question please.

I’ll be using my headset in bed which is 8m distance from my position to the back of my PC unfortunately as it’s tucked around a corner out of sight.

I found two PCIE cards online, and wondered if you think the cheaper one will be able to cope with 8K-X bandwidth over 8m cable run, or is the other card (5 times the price) more suitable as at two ports can run at 10 Gbps rather than 5 Gbps?

Thanks for any opinions.

Here are the two USB PCIE cards:

Generic brand 5 Gbps
£15 (€21, $24).


StarTech PEXUSB314A2V 10 Gbps
£99 (€112, $127).

The first card only has 1 usb controller, unknown vendor. The second card has 2 Renesas controllers.

The pimax only needs one controller. Pretty much the original Oculus Rift + trackers is the only VR kit that would over saturate the ~4gb/s (after controller overhead) single channel bandwidth.

So you want a card from a good manufacturer (so the actual pcb has good QA) with a reliable usb controller. It seems Renesas and Fresco are generally pretty well supported across VR ecosystems, with Fresco being cheaper, while you see problems pop up with ASMedia, Etron.

So a single Fresco controller powered usb card from Inatek is probably ideal https://www.amazon.co.uk/Inateck-Superspeed-Ports-PCI-Expansion/dp/B00B6ZCNGM

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Thank you very much for your detailed opinion, I really appreciate it, and the suggestion of a suitable product at the end.

Very helpful :slight_smile: :handshake: