Opinion: should change my order

I backed $1200 for the 799 8k + basestations + controllers. I donwgraded to the 5k+ and currently do not have any base stations or controllers (vive or valve). i wanted (at the time) 2 extra controllers and extra face cushions and the hand tracking module. Should i just leave everything as-is or should i do the upgrade plan for index stuff… i am having trouble deciding. Thank you all for looking


If you believe the hype then the 8KX will be the pinnacle. Whether you upgrade will depend on whether you can justify the cost based on what you hope to gain.
Really only a decision you can make for yourself.
As nice as I expect the 8KX to become, I am happy with my 5K and the upgrade cost doesn’t compel me to move at this time. One thing is for sure and that is “the grass is always greener over the hill (or septic tank)” and this will continue well into the future (tech wise). The 5K+ isn’t my last hmd. Just the one I will use for a while yet.


Follow your “gut” feelings. Try making a pros and cons list to help you decide.

If I were in your shoes (and could afford it), I’d trade it all in for an 8KX and buy Index controllers and base stations directly from Valve (or Amazon or other well-known distributor).


If it‘s only about upgrading to Index controllers or not - I expect the Sword/Sword Sense controllers to be delayed further and possibly not even come at all next year. And when they are released who knows how good or bad they are, and whether games will support anything they do differently than the Index controllers.

If I had to make that call I would likely upgrade to Index controllers.

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