OpenXR toolkit : is there a way to see the desktop in the headset when closing a game?

Hi, those last couple of days I have been digging the most recent versions of OpenXRtoolkit+OpenComposit+PimaxXR and I find it fantastic in term of performance boost compared to SteamVR.

Navigating in the menu is OK as far as you have access to the Ctrl (or Alt) button and custom buttons of your choice (directional arrows for example).

The only drawback is that contrary to SteamVR, when you close the game (if you have changed one setting that requires a game restart for example), all you see is a black screen (or the pimax logo) and you have to lift your headset to see the desktop and I don’t find it convenient. In SteamVR you can keep it by looking at your desktop in VR.

So my question is simple, is there a way to display the desktop in the headset as soon as you close the game?


I am not sure but think some of the requests from @mbucchia to pimax msybe related to your query. @PimaxQuorra could likely also look into things on pimax end.

Not sure if the old pimax experience might be able to still do that or not as pimax had stopped supporting @SweViver & @arminelec 's project so was “shelved indefinitely” at last press. So Could profiles for games no longer available.


I asked the same question on @mbucchia discord and he reminded me the existence of pimax experience that does pretty much what I’m asking for.
I completely forgot about this, so I activated it again, it does the job: I don’t have to lift my headset but it takes some time to tweaks the settings so that I have a readable image of my desktop, and I must change de settings each time I use it
not really worth it.


You might be able to setup a script perhaps to automate the needed settings changes. It is too bad pimax killed one of the best things improving pimax user xp.

I would be cool to have an application that does nothing else than reprojecting the desktop on a settable virtual screen (in size, distance, position and resolution) when a game is stopped and that kills itself as soon as a game is started, without all the other fonctions that PE brings.

now, if someone has the skill to write a script that automates the PE settings, or to write an application that does the virtual desktop screen, please say it !

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There is an Option in Pimax software to enable “Pimax Experience”. It allows seeing the Desktop after game ends (but not in game).

yes, we talked about it on the previous couple of comments.

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