OpenXR tool kit?

My VR user interface menu is all the way to my left peripheral vision in perspective; is there a way to center it? Thanks.

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You can activate in steamvr duplicate of VR view; then you can read it on your monitor.
I was using older version, and Pimax had that window wrong. It was really hard to watch it in HMD. But on my monitor that was ok:

PS: Mbucchia closed that issue with Pimax, it will be probably correct in next release of tool.

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Hey there,

Its very very very difficult for us to develop for Pimax because we don’t have a device!

But we’re trying to get some of these things fixed.

We’ve adjusted the way the menu is positioned in the new version, and we added an option (in the desktop app) to only display the menu in one eye.

We have plans to try to further improve it so that the menu will display correctly (correct orientation) but it’s not happening for a little while longer.

New version is out tomorrow (Friday).



Thank you @mbucchia for all your work. We all are getting a lot form it. You are our hero for VR :slight_smile:

@PimaxQuorra @PimaxUSA is there a possibility to help Mbbuchia with developing further his tools for OpenXR with Pimax HMD?
If there is a possibility to send him one Pimax HMD, all users that fly in MSFS2020, or play other OpenXR games will benefit from this.



Thank you for the input @mbucchia , we do appreciate the hardworks!

Could you please provide your email address, I will forward your message to relevant team to discuss the collaboration?


Thank you, I’ve sent you a DM!

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