OpenXR API for Vive XR Elite, Crystal support incoming?

Seems Guy Godin is adding VD to all sorts of OpenXR headsets. But when asked if he was considering Pimax…we’ll see for yourself.

Shocked that this isn’t higher on the priority list. VD should be a launch application for Crystal . I can think of no better use case for those 42PPD lenses.

Maybe they should ask @mbucchia for assistance

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The dev is talking about OpenXR support on the headset itself (Android), not on the PC side. I don’t know anyone who has information on that side of the Crystal. There is no OpenXR Compliance submission from Pimax (these are publicly listed on the Khronos website: Conformant Products - The Khronos Group Inc). Maybe that dev has contacted Pimax to inquire what the OpenXR support on the headset side will be like (and what extensions it will support).

OpenXR support on PC side (like PimaxXR) isn’t relevant to Virtual Desktop. There isn’t anything I can contribute AFAIK.

And on that front, I’m not sure what extensions Virtual Desktop could possibly need that isn’t core spec (basic functionality). Since Virtual Desktop is closed-source, we can’t know (and I have no intention to go reverse-engineer their package).

Any chance you could reverse engineer ‘sadly it’s Bradley’ and maybe subtract some of the total jerk factor from his code?

Shouldn’t they have done that already considering they are supposedly releasing the mobile aspect within a year and need developers making apps now?

Are they sleeping?

They might release without official compliance, which isn’t illegal or anything, I think they just can’t use the OpenXR logo or something like that. PimaxXR isn’t officially compliant either, doesn’t prevent to run all OpenXR games out there (to my knowledge).

The compliance results are nice to see exactly the capabilities without needed to buy the device :wink:

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