OpenXR and OpenVR toolkits with FFR/VRS and NIS/FSR

I can’t live without fholgers VRPerf Toolkit for Open VR. It gives me 5% better clarity via the Mipmapping and sharpening alone and FFR gives me another 5-10% without encroaching on my display at all. So without any visible degradation I get about 10-15% bump in every single OpenVR app. Then of course the upsampling and more aggressive FFR allows for a better fps if needed when needed.

OpenXR Toolkit works for FS2020 as you may know, but I have good news: mbucchia is adding FFR/VRS support very soon!

There is no VR game 10 years from now that will lack some sort of FFR and upscaling (likely DLSS). Why wait!? It’ll be right in the options menus probably.

Join me in thanking mbucchia and fholger for their efforts!


Those devs are doing great work, “CptnLucky” also helps out on the OpenXR Toolkit.
Truly altruistic are their actions, I admire them.

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Sadly I can’t say FSR looks better in Ms Flight sim. Turned it on and off repeatedly and found it to simply worsen the image. But I was trying at 55% scaling vs 55% resolution in the in game slider. It just looks better without NIS or FSR to me. Still excited about FFR/VRS. MSFS GPU demand fluxes too much for me to use motion smoothing reliably, and shutting off the clouds isn’t acceptable. Thus I have to low res it to 55% just to get 37.5 fps consistently. I’m spoiled with DCS. However, once asobo does DLSS(2022) + support for wideFOV(2023) I should expect an acceptable image and frame rate similar to DCS but perhaps prettier.

I tried FSR or whatever tool that allow you to upscale the image from something like 77%. I didn’t like it…have tested it multiple times…the image quality it not as clear as the native. Sure, you gain some frame rates, but I rather gain frame rate by reducing the native resolution than dealing with images with artifacts. Now, I can increase the res significantly before upscale it (and it looks super sharp and clear), it still wouldn’t gain much of the frame rate by doing that way…compare to the native. I don’t know what’s FFR and never try OpenXR or NIS…so I don’t know how those will help. So, I am not impressed with whatever they have out there. I am running 8KX and ONLY use it on my favorite sim, Automobilista 2 (which sorely needed some kind of frame rate boost).

I ran at 80% nis and 20% sharpen, msfs taa 100%, steamvr ss 100%, pitool quality 1, and was getting 28-32 fps with my 8kx. It was just about reasonably smooth for me. And i thought it was sharper than msfs taa 80% with no nis being used.

Yeah it may be that I desire too high of a frame rate and I just can’t get there with msfs2020. I can get clarity + wide fov + good fps with DCS. Just not MSFS 2020. If I turn all the options to medium I can only bump it a few fps. With the exception of clouds, which I feel is an important part of flying. Turning the display to small FOV helps too but didn’t even guarantee good fps. Or I can knock the resolution to 60% which is smooth 40fps, but leaves me pining for DCSs clarity. Part of it is that MSFS is just prettier, but also it doesn’t support WideFOV canted displays natively. Parallel projection mode stinks. Motion smoothing doesn’t seem to work right. There is hope in FFR, DLSS and planned wideFOV support 2023, maybe a 4090 GPU?. Anyway, back to DCS.

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