OpenMR Update Feb 21, 2023

Feb 21, 2023

Security Update

It has been discovered that admins could possibly see other PM/DM. This was not an Open Functionality but rather a loop hole. This has been patched with installing an Encryption plugin

The Encrypt Plugin adds end to end encryption. To enable it goto you Profile Preferences Security and enable Encryption. All participants in a PM/DM will need to enable Encryption. It is recommended you make a paper copy of your key… Each device you use to access the forum will need to be authorized. With this new functionality you can even specify a tine period for the Message to “Self-Destruct” - Destroy itself.

Admins & Moderators will only be able to see a DM/PM if invited. If you need a Staff member in your DM/PM you will need to invite as Flagging will not be effective once you enable encryption.

Experimental - Op Decorator in topics. Still working on debugging some position issues. However this will identify an Op’s posts within there own Topic.

Flag Posts & User Flag Counts

It has been brought to our attention that someone is spreading false information regarding members flag counts being reset to embellish that a user has had a considerable number of past flagged posts. Not even an Admin can reset a member’s flag count or there own flag count. No one but staff can see a members Flag count. The individual(s) making such claims are doing so to create disharmony.

We have had Moderators whom were not following protocols; Flagging others posts and reviewing and validating there own flags(often during differences of opinions). This has mostly been resolved with better training. If a Moderator flags a post they are supposed to leave the flag for another Moderator to review. This is also true if they are the Target of Flagged post.

We apologize that during that time flagging was being used inappropriately.

Ignored/Muted Users

This Function can be found in your profile preferences Users. This function helps the member to avoid communicating directly with someone they might find Toxic. Keep in mind others may not share your opinion of what is Toxic and you may see others responding to those you “muted”.

The system has a Threshold that when enough members mute/ignore a member it will send them and the Moderators an automated message notifying both that the community might be finding them “Toxic”. To Date only 1 member has met that threshold and that was during the original Kickstarter.

Original Rules Of Conduct.