OpenMR online store launches today!

:mega: Attention please gamers! :mega:

First of all, we’d like to say thank you, to everyone, for supporting this community. As we all know, our core team has been dedicatedly working on all kinds of solutions to take your VR experiences to a whole new level :pi_thumbsup:, and this time we are here 100% ready to give back to the community.

We are pleased to announce that we are launching our OpenMR Online Store. We are launching officially today on 9/10. Our goal is to be your everyday VR specialist and make your life much easier when it comes to anything VR, especially VR accessories and PC components.

Check this one-stop online marketplace for better VR experiences - OpenMR Online Store! Over here you can find VR accessories, VR-Ready PC components you need for better VR experiences. We also have VR Headset Kit that include all the essentials you need for VR with a better deal!

To give back and celebrate the opening, use the code “GIVINGBACK” to enjoy 15% off on your first order.

We are also giving out 3 opportunities to review our VR Accessories for free! Simply leave a comment below with your type of headset, we will announce the lucky numbers and follow up with you via DM.

Feel free to share your feedback on the online store with us by leaving a comment below or writing us an email at It could be anything from shopping experiences to new product suggestions. Your feedback is much appreciated!

OpenMR Team
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Yeah, but… why? And why switch from .ai to .com?

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The prices seems very competitive


Some of your profit margins seem a bit steep. I 3d printed (downloaded same free file as you from Thingyverse) the exact same magnetic charging station -for Index controllers- and printed it for a few bucks in PLA material and you are charging 90 bucks. Granted, the user does need a 3d printer.

Looking at the 1T hard drive. Good price not sure I have an open slot. Hate to open it up too many wires to disconnect. Someone should write a software program that tells the user what is inside the case.

As much as I’m happy that a HS/Fan won’t scratch my VR lenses… I think there might be a blip here :wink:

As for pricing… big ooof!

£131.10 + mystery charges of vat/shipping/other fees… or I buy for the more respectable price of around £68 all in on the above example.

Not knocking the attempt though if it helps with bringing in more money to the business. They need to get more aligned with pricing, including clear and competitive ‘accurate’ pricing to customers rather than what’s currently being presented, not going to compete with any of the established stores that way on more commonly available products.

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Is this a Pimax store for everything VR?

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I would like to see the OpenMR store carry a ‘Pimax Optimized’ brand of hardware. Like An 11GB 1950MHz (if not 2045MHz) RTX 2080 Ti, instead of an 8GB 1845Mhz RTX 2080 Ti.

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Memory Size: 8GB

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That’s a 2080 Super, not a 2080 Ti… :wink:

For a second there I thought I had missed a 20 series version completely… :flushed:

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Good catch. Also, even more reason a ‘Pimax Optimized’ brand is needed.

A significant problem with supporting Pimax headsets is people not knowing what CPU and GPU will provide them the highest visual quality the headsets support.

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I agree with that… :+1:

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Pimax has a long history of selling accessories and hardware… they were selling some 2080 Ti cards around the time those were newly released. Nothing new here, nothing to complain about.


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