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@Heliosurge I was wondering if it would be possible to get a date/time stamp for the “latest” posts in the “category” pages? It would also be nice to get more space for each category, showing more ‘recent’ posts.
I’m not sure that you have the room for it, but I thought it was worth asking. Thanks!

Found a typo on this page: the “PE Discussion” category has an extra ‘h’ in the category title: “PE Discussionh”.


Fixed the typo. Not sure on the time date stamping on latest posts. Search can search by Time. Bump me again on Date stamp. I know you can click on a post right hand side and see date time of post.

With PE Discussion tbh would like to remove it to have it just in the PimaxVR Software\ Discussion topic. As we don’t need a full separate sub category. To make navigating and finding things easier.

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By the way, I recently noticed that my review on 8KX no longer exists, it has simply disappeared :eyes:

Only a link remained in the profile:
Hopefully it can be restored :wave:

In theory it shouldn’t be gone. But might be a hickup of the last update.

Okay took a look. The Event Category was closed. Your Review is still present. I will see about making a post in Spotlight Reviews with title of 8kX Event with Reviews from there reposted with respected owners.

The Event Category was intended to be a temporary Category with Entries moved after Event closed. With the Category being reset for the next time a pimax event was held.

For now I have return this category to read only for all.


wow, great :beer:
My review is back in place (albeit not editable, but it is not important).
It would be sad for me to lose it, after all, there are still comparisons through the lens in it, well, in general, this review is still relevant to this day, and 8KX is more than satisfactory to me today. Thanks!

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